Lifecycle of a Question

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[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Hey there everybody.

I’m Dr. Jack Stein with the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

And we are here to learn about the lifecycle of a question here at Chat Day.

So, let’s take a quick tour of what happens when a question comes in and how we actually

get the answer back to you.

Are you ready?


Let’s go over here and the first thing that happens is a question comes in and it gets


And it goes to the filter administrator.

So, this is Mark.

Mark, can you introduce yourself?

[Mark Fleming talking] Sure, I’m Mark Fleming.

I’m Chief of the Digital Communications branch.

And we take all these questions coming in and the ones that are good we pass on to the


[Dr. Jack Stein talking] And are you getting a lot of questions today?

[Mark Fleming talking] Several thousand.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Several thousand questions.

And where are they coming from?

[Mark Fleming talking] All over the country.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] That’s great.

So, the question comes to you and then you and your team decide which ones get time to

get moved down?

[Mark Fleming talking] Right.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Okay so let’s go see what happens next.

They go to the moderator.

And we’re here with Gaya and hi, Gaya.

Can you introduce yourself and what you do here at NIDA?

[Dr. Gaya Dowling talking] Sure, I’m Dr. Gaya Dowling and I’m the

Director of the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study here at NIH

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Great.

And tell us a little about the nature of the questions that come to you and then what do

you do with them.

[Dr. Gaya Dowling talking] So, we’ve gotten a wide variety of questions


Everything from which drug is worse to how do I say no if my friends are pressuring me

to use drugs to how do I get help for a friend?

And we have experts in the room on all of these topics.

And so, we’ll identify the best expert to answer the question and we send it their way.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Okay, you got that?

We’re going to take a look at who answers these questions.

And we’ve got one of our scientists right here.

In fact, he’s an expert because it says so.


And this is Dave.

Dave, can you introduce yourself?

[Dr. Dave Thomas talking] Yes, hi.

I’m Dave Thomas and I’m with NIDA and I’m one of the experts on this panel.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] And what kind of work do you do here at NIDA,


[Dr. Dave Thomas talking I support a lot of the pain and opioid program

here at NIDA.

You’ve probably heard in the news all sorts of overdose deaths with opioids.

Well, we’re working very hard to try and turn that around and a lot of what I do is

related to that effort.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Great, really important work.

And thanks for taking the time today to answer questions.

So, tell us, questions have been coming to you.

You’ve been here just about all day.

[Dr. Dave Thomas talking All day.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] You’ve seen a lot of different questions.

How do you craft a response and then get it back so that in fact, people who are looking

at this can get their answer?

[Dr. Dave Thomas talking Yes, we really want to get the questions back

as quickly as possible.

And I kind of like the short, direct answers, not this big wall of words.

But just figure out what the kid is asking, what they’re trying to get at and give it

to them in a nutshell.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Great.

And how do you know the answers to so many questions?

[Dr. Dave Thomas talking I don’t know the answers to all the questions.

We do have the web, NIDA website which we can use.

We have our experts running around here.

I have my editor, Michelle here.

But we can ask around the room too.

So, within this room, there are a lot of experts that know a whole lot about drug abuse.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Great, so you’re pulling from all of the

resources that we have here at NIDA.

And I know you can just go onto the NIDA website which is at and really access

all of the information.

Much of which you are pulling from to provide answers back to folks.

[Dr. Dave Thomas talking Definitely.

[Dr. Jack Stein talking] Great.

And there you have it.

You’ve seen the lifecycle of a question.

It comes to us, it gets filtered.

It goes to a moderator, it goes to an expert and then back to you.

So, check out the NIDA website at

And we look forward to always answering your questions with good science.