How do you view misinformation about opioid addiction and substance use?

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[Camille Schrier speaking]  There’s a lot of misinformation out there that exists on substance abuse and substance use disorders, and opioid addiction. Do you feel the same way from your perspective?

[Nora Volkow speaking]  One of the components about drugs, particularly with opioids -- and I commend you for taking this on, because it’s the most challenging addiction that we have. 

So, how do we balance the world in terms of taking advantage of the potential therapeutics for those that benefit, while protecting everyone else so that they do not become addicted? And understanding, first of all, why is it that drugs produce addiction, and what happens in our brain when we become addicted, is fundamental in order to be able to do that. And people don’t really understand still in healthcare, in [the] lay public, there’s this sense that people are taking drugs because they want to take drugs. That it’s a choice behavior.