How do we amplify inclusive academic programs?

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[Dr. Nora Volkow speaking]

So, how do we amplify you? You can make a huge impact, but how do we learn from that? And I understand that some of the universities are emulating your programs

[Dr. Freeman Hrabowski speaking]

We need universities to think about their culture. Too often when people think about minorities in science, it’s a very nice young minority person running the program.

We need tenured faculty. They are the ones with power. We need deans of science and provosts who are excited. So, while I might be a champion for all of this, it is the culture of UMBC, not only among the scientists but among my Humanities and Arts people who are working to build these leaders. And one of the points that’s so important is that scientists are not separated from the rest of the world. They have to be seen as in the middle of things. And the challenge of giving them the support to show how the science can help people is what we all have to do.