How do make science exciting for all young people?

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[Dr. Nora Volkow speaking]

How do you motivate young people to look into science as that exciting discipline that it is? And also, as a discipline that is going to come up with solutions that will enable us to get rid of this structural racism and the overrepresentation of adverse outcomes for African Americans? 

[Dr. Freeman Hrabowski speaking]

When students get into labs in high school and see problems being solved by real human beings, they become interested. And giving them opportunities to talk about the science. Come and see our sophomores who can talk the science. I mean, people will think they’re grad students. We want students talking the science all the time. We want them understanding why science is important for people of all backgrounds, that it doesn’t belong to one group, one gender, it belongs to all of us. It’s a part of the effort of humankind to seek the truth.