How is COVID19-related isolation affecting those with substance use disorders?

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[Camille Schrier speaking]  I think COVID has brought more isolation to us all than what is normal, for even the most social of us and those of us who are [inaudible]. So how is the isolation of COVID really affecting those in terms of opioids? And we have so many different substance abuse disorders. I’m sure that just because we have a stay at home order, doesn’t mean that those that are facing these issues that that just stops for them. 

[Nora Volkow speaking]  Well, we’ve been reaching out to the communities, diverse communities, to try to answer that question because of course, since we’re very aware how important social networks are, to find out what’s happening. And we’re hearing patients are relapsing, and people that have been in recovery for a long time are relapsing. 

[Camille Schrier speaking]  COVID is a huge issue going on right now, but it has kind of silenced that piece of the opioid epidemic that’s been in the country. So, I think that it’s important that we continue to talk about this.