How can you inspire young people of color in the field of science?

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[Dr. Nora Volkow speaking]

In looking at what you have been doing, and why you have been so successful, is your program has enabled something that interferes many times with science in general in young people, and that’s self-confidence.

[Dr. Freeman Hrabowski speaking]

This intersection between becoming proficient in the science and believing in themselves. We have to give people, women, people of color, African Americans and others this, you can do this. I would say one more thing, and you know this. It takes an appreciation of hard work. It really takes a passion, at least to the hard work and the curiosity, and an attitude that says, never, never, never give up. I don't know how to say that to Americans more forcefully, that we have to have that passion and lead things that can save millions of lives. There’s something about that that gives those of us in STEM goose bumps. And we need Americans getting goose bumps about what science can do for humankind.