The Herren Project and NIDA team up for National Drug Facts Week

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[Chris Herren speaking] The question, the question I ask every kid, to ask themselves. How come being me is not good enough?


[Chris Herren speaking] Teens across the country want to know the facts and shatter the myths about drugs.

[Male speaking] I'm shattering the myths because there is nothing cool about addiction.

[Female speaking] Misinformation shouldn't cost you your life.

[Female speaking] Everyone knows someone affected by drugs.

[Male speaking] Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin.

[Male speaking] Addiction doesn't discriminate.

[Female speaking] Because I don't want to shatter my dreams.

[Shattering glass sound]

[Chris Herren speaking] If you want to learn how to shatter the myth about drugs, then join the Herren Project and teens from across the country during National Drug Facts Week.

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