D&H Teen Blog: Does Heat Affect Vaping?

Video Length: 1:34


[Dr. Walton speaking]

To understand how the heating element plays into the exposure of a person using an e-cigarette, it’s really important to understand how an e-cigarette works.

So, you have the battery which is usually… a long tubular part of that device that looks like a cigarette.

And then attaching to the battery is the heating element, that’s where the heater gets its charge from.

And then you have the e-liquid that feeds to the heating element, then you get the aerosol created and then that’s what you inhale.

So, the heating element is a critical part to create this aerosol vapor that people see when they inhale and when they exhale it.

So, the heating element causes the creation of the aerosol, but the temperature of the heating element really affects what’s in that aerosol.

The major liquids that are in the compounds that are in the liquid are propylene, glycol and glycerol.

So, when you raise the temperature of the heating element that generally creates greater aerosol, but then it also can create compounds like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde that weren’t originally in the liquid, but are toxic