NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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YOU: I guess it couldn’t hurt.

You accept the Adderall from your friend, and take them at the water fountain.


Time elapses and you are taking the test. We hear your heart beating fast. You’re fidgeting with the test paper and your hands are shaky. You can’t write clearly. You look over at a neighbor.

ALI: Quit looking.

Taking Adderall that is not prescribed to you can cause trouble sitting still and shakiness.

You continue to have trouble sitting still. You look over at your neighbor again.

ALI: Cheater.


TEACHER: And before the bell rings I’ll hand back your tests.

The teacher returns the test papers.

TEACHER to your neighbor: Well done.

The teacher hands back your test. You see a BIG Red F with a note that says “See me”.

TEACHER: This is a problem. See me after class.

ANNOUNCER: When you take medicine prescribed for you by your doctor and take it as directed, prescription drugs can help you. But abusing prescription drugs is dangerous, and you never know what the effects could be.

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