NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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Meet Your Friends

You meet your friends at school.

YOU: What’s up?

FRIEND: Oh, hey, so, did you end up studying for the test?

YOU: Man, I tried, but I fell asleep. You know how boring that stuff is…



You're taking the test, but are nervous. You look over at your neighbor’s paper.

ALI: Quit looking.

The teacher sees you looking over, trying to cheat off your neighbor.

TEACHER: Young man. I saw that. Put your pen down and sit quietly until the end of the test. I’ll see you after class.

Class is over, and the teacher closes the door. He sits down across from you.

TEACHER: Listen, trying to cheat off your neighbor’s paper is very serious. This time, you get an F. Next time, it’s gonna go on your electronic record, and I’m gonna call your parents.

ANNOUNCER: When you take medicine prescribed for you by your doctor and take it as directed, prescription drugs can help you. But abusing prescription drugs is dangerous, and you never know what the effects could be.

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