Addiction Science Fair Winner: Lily Wei Lee

Video Length: 1:05


Lily Speaking:

My name is Lily Lee. My research is about third hand exposer of electronic cigarettes.

Third hand exposure occurs when nicotine and other chemicals from second hand smoke deposits on surfaces such as your tables and your walls.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding the product and specifically wether or not they should be allowed in indoor areas and smoke free areas.

So my project is really about assessing the risks and harms of third hand exposure and wether or not it is present.

I chose addiction science because how it has impacted me personally, as well as the fact that I've always been intrigued by the science aspect as well as the societal implications of addiction science and specifically even how it impacts teenagers.

I think it is really important to share your research even while you are doing it or even in the process, so that when you are finished with it there are lot of people that will be interested in your project and will support your project and in turn that even motivates you to keep on researching.

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