JeoPARODY Drug Use

(select "Read Only" and use Slide Show view)

JeoPARODY Drug Use is based on scientific findings developed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The questions and answers are based on the NIDA for Teens Drug Facts pages listed below:

Play as a group or have students play individually. Allow time for teens to review the NIDA for Teens Drug Facts prior to playing. You can print out or have teens access the pages online. Another option is to display each of the Drug Facts on a large screen, allowing teens ample time to read and discuss. Then, use the same large screen to display and play the JeoPARODY game.

FAQs for Running the Game

How do I use the game? 

Follow these instructions to run the JeoPARODY game:

Step 1: Download the game to your computer and open the PowerPoint. A Password box will appear (see Figure 1 below). Select “Read Only.”

JeoPARODY read only box screenshot

Step 2: Select the Slide Show view for the game features to work (see Figure 2).

JeoPARODY slide show screenshot

How do I reset the links on the main board back to yellow?

Simply close the PowerPoint file, and re-open, and the links will turn back to yellow.

Can I use this in Keynote / Google Slides / Open Office?

Sorry, but Google slides, Keynote, Open Office etc. are not supported. Those are great programs but they’re not made to handle a file with this animation complexity.

Why aren’t the sound effects working?

If the sound effects aren’t working, I would suggest upgrading your PowerPoint to something newer than 2008, and using a PC instead of a Mac if possible. Also, Google slides, Keynotes, etc. are not supported.