Choose Your Path

Misusing prescription drugs means taking them when they have not been prescribed to you, taking more or differently than your doctor prescribed, or for their pleasurable effects. It is dangerous to your health, and could be deadly.

Making the right decision when you feel pressure is hard, even when you know the facts about prescription drug misuse. These videos help give you practice by stepping into the shoes of a two fictional characters.  

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See the complete lesson plan, Prescription Drug Misuse: Choose Your Path Interactive Videos.

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After each scene, select what the main character will do next to see what happens next. The video can be restarted to explore the outcomes of different decisions. NOTE: The player buttons may not respond as expected on Google Chrome. The issue can be resolved when the video is restarted. However, if the issues continues, please view on Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Choose Your Path - BFF or the Ex?

Choose Your Path - The Big Test