The student will become more familiar with neuroscience concepts and terminology associated with the effects of opiates on the brain.


Students will solve a crossword puzzle (below) which requires knowledge of the ways in which opiates affect brain anatomy and physiology. The puzzle and solution is included in the guide.

Crossword Puzzle


  • 1.  Space between neurons
  • 3.  Copy genetic material to produce an identical cell
  • 5.  Opiates come from this plant
  • 6.  Feeling of euphoria
  • 9.  Controls breathing and heart rate
  • 10.  Pleasure neurotransmitter
  • 11.  Pain relief


  • 1.  Opiates act on the _________ cord and brain
  • 2.  Pain reliever produced by brain
  • 4.  An opiate receptor
  • 6.  Another name for pleasure
  • 7.  Ventral _________ area
  • 8.  Powerful opiate

Blank crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzle with answers

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