Respect Others. Respect Yourself.

In this lesson, developed in partnership with Scholastic, students learn how to recognize and build healthy relationships and communication skills through discussion questions, group activities, and worksheets. Teachers can also discuss dating violence and drug use and resources for teens in unsafe or unhealthy relationships to get help.


The student worksheets, which can be used together or individually, cover a range of communication issues and scenarios for grades 6-12, including:

  • Practicing Healthy Communication: basic introduction to peer communication.
  • Using Health Communication to Resolve Conflicts (more advanced): how to respond to various negative situations, including dating violence and drugs.

What's in the Lesson Plan:

  • Poster
  • Discussion questions
  • Group activity
  • Writing prompts
  • Two student worksheets

Grade Level(s):

6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12 

Student Skills Targeted:

  • Understanding healthy relationships and communication skills
  • Critical thinking

Time / Duration:

  • 1 class period


  • Printer/copier for poster and student handouts

Alignment with National Standards:

  • National Science Education Standards
  • Common Core State Standards


  • English

Classroom Poster with Teacher's Guide and Student Worksheets