Recovery from Drug Addiction

In this lesson, developed in partnership with Scholastic, students gain a scientific understanding of drug addiction as a chronic brain disease. A student article discusses some of the reasons why one person may become addicted to a drug and another may not, as well as some of the challenges of addiction recovery. A work sheet provides an opportunity for students to analyze a chart of research-based risk factors and protective factors for drug addiction. Includes a leveled version for grades 4-6 reading level. 


What's in the Lesson Plan:

  • Student article
  • Student work sheet
  • Class discussion questions
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Writing prompts
  • Suggestions for additional reading

Grade Level(s):

6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12 

Student Skills Targeted:

  • Scientific understanding of drug addiction and recovery
  • Critical thinking

Time / Duration:

  • 1 class period


  • Printer/copier for student handouts

Alignment with National Standards:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • National Science Education Standards
  • National Council for the Social Studies


  • English

Teacher's Guide and Student Worksheet

Student Article