Prescription Drug Misuse: Choose Your Path Interactive Videos

Students practice making decisions about prescription drug misuse by stepping into the shoes of a fictional character. They watch clips of the Choose Your Path interactive videos and throughout are prompted to make decisions for the main character about whether to use prescription drugs. Other activities encourage learning about the facts about prescription drug misuse and how it affects the body.


What's in the Lesson Plan:

  • Interactive videos for teens
  • Fact sheets on prescription opioids, stimulants, and depressants

Grade Level(s):

8,  9,  10 

Student Skills Targeted:

  • Knowledge of the dangers of prescription drug abuse
  • Understanding of the impact of drug abuse on teens
  • Social influences of drug abuse

Time / Duration:

  • 1 class period


  • Computer with Internet access to view the videos
  • Printer to print supporting materials


  • English

Teacher's Guide

Student Videos