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Lesson Plans

Drugs + Your Life

Created by : 
Scholastic and the National Institute on Drug Abuse

In this lesson, developed in partnership with Scholastic, students learn some statistics about drug use and associated risks, such as the fact that young drivers are 17 times more likely to be involved in a crash if alcohol is involved than if alcohol is not involved. The lesson includes information on how researchers develop statistics and how to evaluate sources of statistics to determine whether they are reliable. A work sheet includes math problems for students to develop their own statistics.


What’s In the Lesson Plan: 

  • Student article
  • Student work sheet
  • Class discussion questions

Grade Level(s): 


Student Skills Targeted: 

  • Understanding how drugs and alcohol can affect a person’s chances for a healthy and happy life
  • Understanding statistics
  • Critical thinking

Time / Duration: 

  • 1 class period


  • Printer/copier for student handouts

Alignment with National Standards: 

  • National Science Education Standards
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


  • English