Drug Facts Challenge!

This interactive activity offers students a fun way to learn the facts about drug use and addiction.

In this "Jeopardy"-style game, students select from one of five categories—brain and addiction; marijuana; prescription drugs; tobacco, nicotine, and e-cigarettes; and inhalants—and a point amount. The science-based answer displays, allowing students the opportunity to determine the corresponding question. A timer and sound effects encourage active participation.

The game works best when students have reviewed the NIDA for Teens Drug Facts pages before they begin playing. The Drug Facts pages can be shown to the students online, or downloaded and printed. Students can play in groups or individually.


What's in the Lesson Plan:

  • Game slide show

Grade Level(s):

6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12 

Student Skills Targeted:

  • Understanding of how drugs affect the brain and body
  • Application of scientific facts to make health decisions
  • Critical thinking

Time / Duration:

  • 1 class period


  • Computer (optional)
  • Printer/copier 


  • English

Slide Show Game