CSI: Forensic Web Adventures

Teens become rookie CSI agents as they explore virtual scenarios and solve a crime. They learn forensic science and find clues that help them unlock the mysteries of biology, including the effects of prescription drug abuse on the brain and body.


What's in the Lesson Plan:

  • Educator’s guide
  • CSI case quizzes and key
  • Student worksheets
  • Supporting classroom activities

Grade Level(s):

6,  7,  8, 

Student Skills Targeted:

  • Knowledge of the brain and addiction
  • Skills in problem solving
  • Knowledge of the scientific process
  • Knowledge of the biology of prescription drug abuse
  • Understanding of the range of science careers through virtual role playing

Time / Duration:

  • 1 - 5 class periods


  • Computer with Internet access per 1-3 students
  • Requires latest Adobe Flash® Player plug-in
  • Printer/copies for worksheets

Alignment with National Standards:

  • National Science Education Standards
  • Benchmarks for Science Literacy
  • Healthy People 2010 and 2020
  • Technological Innovation and Learning Theory


  • English
  • Spanish
  • German

Teacher's Guide and Resources

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