About the Lesson Plan and Activity Finder

NIDA’s Lesson Plan and Activity Finder is an online searchable database of more than 90 teacher materials on the effects of drugs and drug abuse on the brain, body, and life of teens. The materials—funded or created by NIDA—include science-based classroom lesson plans, multimedia classroom activities, and other teaching resources for grades 5–12.

The resources:

  • Align with national science and education standards
  • Supplement and complement school curricula
  • Foster deeper engagement around drug use topics

The materials work seamlessly with NIDA’s teens.drugabuse.gov resources, including our student-focused drug facts and videos, to increase the depth and breadth of student knowledge.

For each lesson plan, a brief summary features an at-a-glance key for:

  • Student online activities that require a computer, such as for an interactive exercise
  • # Anticipated number of 45-minute class periods to complete the lesson
  • 5-12 Appropriate grade levels

Each lesson plan also features a full description that includes a summary of the lesson, teacher and student materials, the creators of the lesson, alignment to national standards, available languages, and more. This full description provides direct links to view and download materials and, in many cases, to order them for free from NIDA.

How to Use the Lesson Plan and Activity Finder

The Lesson Plan and Activity Finder is designed to help you find the right lessons for your class by narrowing down the materials by either Drug Topic or Drug Type.

  • Select one or more categories from the Drug Topic and Drug Type search tabs. You can select as many or as few as you wish, from both tabs. After you’ve chosen your categories, select “Show Results.”
  • Select “Browse All Lesson Plans” to view all of the resources.

Please contact us if you have any feedback you would like to share with NIDA or have questions about the Lesson Plan and Activity Finder or a specific lesson.

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