Brain Power: Grades 4-5

Grades 4-5

Module 1: Drugs in Society

The goal of the first module is to encourage students to think about drugs, and their impact on society.

Module 2: Your Amazing Brain

Module 2 provides students with a basis of information needed throughout the curriculum. Students learn about the major parts of the brain and are asked to give examples of activities that involve the different parts.

Module 3: Neurotransmission

In this module, students learn about neurons and how they communicate through the process of neurotransmission. 

Module 4: How Stimulants Affect the Nervous System

In this module and in Module 5, students build on their knowledge of the brain and neurotransmission as they learn about both legal and illegal drugs and their effects on the brain and body.

Module 5: Alcohol, Marijuana, Inhalants

In this module, students learn about alcohol, marijuana, and inhalants, and the ways that these drugs affect the body, brain, and nervous system.

Module 6: What is Addiction?

In Module 6, students learn about addiction and that it is a disease affecting the brain.