Zarin Ibnat Rahman

2013 First Place
The At-Risk Maturing Brain: Effects of Stress Paradigms on Mood, Memory and Cognition in Adolescents and the Role of the Prefrontal Cortex
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Zarin Ibnat Rahman

My experience receiving the Addiction Science Award truly inspired me in completing research on the mind, the brain, and behavior. The opportunity of presenting my research at NIH/NIDA and interacting with the wonderful and brilliant scientists, I was able to determine that neuroscientific research is something that I absolutely love and that it is something that I would like in my future career. I plan to take one gap year prior to medical school to focus on research or other related fields.


About the Project:

Zarin hypothesized that excessive screen time with computers, phones and other electronic devices serves as a stressor ultimately affecting mood, academic performance and poor decision making.

Where Are They Now?

Undergraduate School: Harvard University

  • Major: Neurobiology
  • Minor: Psychology, Pre-medical Track

Graduate School: Hopes to go to medical school.