L. Elisabeth Burton

2012 Third Place
A Big Fat Deal, Phase III: Attributions of Body Talk, Risk Assessments of Steroid/Dietary Supplement Use, Perceptions of Media Images, and Self-Esteem
L. Elisabeth Burton
L. Elisabeth Burton

Your award helped encourage and support me and my research! This support and encouragement pushed me to continue doing research. I am currently working with the Deputy Director of the Clinical Translation Science Center of UNM's Hospital on my research. He is working with me to get it published as 1st author. I know as a Nurse Practitioner and when I'm all over the world, I will be doing research as well.


About the Project:

Elisabeth conducted a survey of nearly 200 teenagers to determine how their internal self image and self esteem affected eating disorders, steroid use and potentially dangerous use of dietary supplements. 

Where Are They Now?

Undergraduate School: University of New Mexico

Graduate School: University of New Mexico College of Nursing

Job: Summer 2017 in Egypt working at a medical clinic for the poor