Emory Morris Payne and Zohaib Majaz Moonis

2013 Second Place
The Effect of Ethanol on Beta Cell Development in Zebrafish
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Emory Morris Payne and Zohaib Majaz Moonis

My award from NIDA gave my research experience more validity and allowed me to get into other schools and labs. Having the experience of presenting at the NIDA at the NIH helped give me more confident in presenting. I felt motivated to continue pursuing a research career. -- Emory Payne
I'm no longer working in biology, but people are always happy to see I have worked in an original research project. -- Zohaib Majaz Moonis


About the Project:

After exposing Zebrafish embryos to increasing concentrations of ethanol (a pure form of alcohol), the team observed the health and function of pancreatic beta cells, which are needed to produce insulin.


Where Are They Now?

Emory Morris Payne

Undergraduate School: Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont

Graduate School: Applying to Grad School for a PhD in chemistry

Job: Works as a Lab assistant

Zohaib Majaz Moonis

Undergraduate School: New York University

  • Major: Mathematics
  • Minor: Music and Economic Theory

Graduate School: Applying for Masters in Financial Engineering