Yamini T. Naidu

2011 Third Place
From Models to Medications: Identification of Medication Leads for Treating Methamphetamine Addiction
Yamini T. Naidu
Yamini T. Naidu

The summer after I received the Addiction Science Award, I was a student intern at NIDA's intramural research program. I learned so much and was an author in a paper published by my group. I also valued the relationships formed with my mentor and PI. It was such a great opportunity that I have stayed in the science field, pursuing similar research.


About the Project:

Using molecular modeling software that incorporated eye-catching 3D structural illustrations and vivid computer animations, Naidu discovered two potential sites in the methamphetamine binding TAA receptor. 

Where Are They Now?

Undergraduate School: Yale University, 2017

Job: Oregon Health and Science University