Joseph Hunter Yagoda

2010 Third Place
Risky Business: What Cognitive Factors Influence Risk Taking in the Academic Setting?
Joseph Hunter Yagoda
Joseph Hunter Yagoda

The experience of presenting to a team of top scientists definitely helped prepare me for presenting to professors and C-suite executives. From a subject matter perspective, learning more about NIDA and the NIH more broadly was incredibly helpful. I took many courses on US health policy, so understanding how research in this space worked was crucial. Additionally, as a consultant, I've done many engagements in which having this background was extremely helpful.


About the Project:

Using an innovative simulation mimicking a prototypical classroom, Joseph measured his subjects' perceptions of the risks of skipping class. 

Where Are They Now?

Undergraduate School: Yale University

  • Ethics, Politics, and Economics

Job: Senior Business Analyst, global management consulting firm