Daniel Jeffrey Martin

2009 Second Place
The Effect of Human Methamphetamine Usage on Carnivore Scavenging
Daniel Jeffrey Martin
Daniel Jeffrey Martin

It was a massive honor, and certainly helped me get into Pomona. Plus having a background in science has helped me as a lawyer, to think about things rigorously and interrogate beliefs. It was a forensic anthropology project, and I plan on joining the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Jurisprudence Division after I pass the bar, so hopefully I can stay hooked in to science that way.


About the Project:

Daniel made a retrospective analysis of data from a local medical examiner's office to demonstrate that carnivorous animals do not like to scavenge the remains of humans known to have abused methamphetamine. 

Where Are They Now?

Undergraduate School: Pomona College

  • B.A., Late-Antique Medieval Studies

Gradudate School: University of California, Berkeley, School of Law

  • J.D. 2017.