Kapil Vishveshwar Ramachandran

2008 First Place
The Novel Role of the GluClα; Ion Channel and Diazepam Binding Genes in Alcohol Addiction
Kapil Vishveshwar Ramachandran
Kapil Vishveshwar Ramachandran

It was a launching point. I knew that I loved research, but it gave me the the confidence that I was actually good at it and that maybe I was good enough to make a career of it! I think the absolute highlight was giving a talk to then-NIH Director Zerhouni and NIDA Director Volkow. It was an unforgettable experience.


About the Project:

Kapil determined that when a specific protein is deleted in fruit flies, the flies may lose their tolerance to alcohol, offering a strong indication that the protein may play a role in addiction.

Where Are They Now?

2019: After completing his PhD, Kapil now runs his own neurobiology lab at Harvard as an independent Harvard Junior Fellow.

Graduate School: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins

  • Biological Chemistry and Neuroscience

Undergraduate School: Duke University

  • Studied the intersection of ion channels and developmental biology.