Ethan Garrett Guinn

2008 Second Place
Video Games: The Next Generation's Addiction
Ethan Garrett Guinn
Ethan Garrett Guinn

This experience and resulting reward was one of the most important determining factors for me receiving scholarships, interviews, and landing internships and ultimately a career. In every interview I have been involved with since this experience, the interviewer never fails to ask several questions related to the award. It has clearly been a differentiating factor that has helped me stand out from my peers.


About the Project:

Ethan developed a survey about gaming behavior similar to those used to assess whether drug users are addicted, and found that 69 % of boys and 44 % of girls showed borderline-to-severe signs of video game addiction.

Where Are They Now?

Undergraduate School: University of Oklahoma

  • Major: Management of Information Systems

Graduate School: Oklahoma State University

  • M.S., Data Science and Analytics