Resources to Stimulate Ideas for Your Science Fair Project

There are plenty of resources available to help you prepare a science fair project that will add to our knowldge about addiction science.

Past Topics from the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

The science of addiction involves a broad range of disciplines: from basic science to clinical experiments to behavioral health. Here are some examples of past entries for the annual ISEF, where the Addiction Science Awards are given.

See past winners

All winners(L-R): 2019 Addiction Science Award Winners Nikita Rohila (3rd place), Aditya Tummala (1st place), Sid Thakker (2nd place).
  • The Effect of Gender on Physician and Pharmacist Attitude Toward Pain and the Use of Narcotic Analgesics
  • Does the Brain Compute Mathematical Risk? The Influence of Risk and Reward on the Economic Behavior of Humans
  • Pher or UnPher? Pheromone Influence on Human Preference and the Effect of Cigarette Smoking
  • Effects of Playing Different Video Game Genres on Geometric, Spatial and Verbal Reasoning Skills of Adolescents
  • Who's in Charge? The Effect of Subliminal Messages on the Human Mind
  • Adolescent Tanning as Dependent Behavior
  • Psycho-social Effects Caused by Paternal Absence on Children 7-11 Years Old with Solution by Means of Exercises that Stimulate Dialogue
  • Personality and Success in Education
  • Attitudes, Exercise and Stress: A Longitudinal Study of Dental Students, Year Three
  • A Study of Executive Functions and Academic Ability in Teenagers
  • Red Bull Gives You Wings
  • Making the Transition: Predicting High School Success
  • Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Inflammatory and Antimicrobial Activities of Phagocytes Against Periodontal Pathogens
  • Gene Expression Changes in Parkinson's Disease: Genes Mediating alpha-synuclein Toxicity in a Drosophila melanogaster Model
  • Role of Estrogen Receptor Beta (ERbeta) on Opioids and Opioid-Related Peptides in the Rodent Dorsal Hippocampal Formation
  • Dendrimer-based Nanodevices for Drug Delivery Across the Blood Brain Barrier

For More Ideas: NIDA Websites

NIDA's websites are filled with science-based information on drugs and drug use. Some suggested pages that will stimulate science fair ideas are: