Teachers: Classroom Resources on Drug Effects

Lessons, activities, and drug facts to educate teens about the effects and consequences of drug use.

Lesson Plan and Activity Finder

Lesson Plan and Activity Finder

Free lessons and other classroom activities based on national standards.

Drugs & Alcohol Chat Day

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week®

2019 Chat Day Transcript Now Online!

Drug Facts for Students

Drug Facts for Students

Facts on the health effects and consequences of drug use for students.

Drugs and the Teen Brain

Scholastic Heads Up

Lessons and activities on drugs, drug use, and life skills from Scholastic.

Free Materials to Order

Order Free Materials

Brochures, posters, and more to educate teens about drug use and addiction.

Addiction Science Award

Addiction Science Award

View Addiction Science Award winners!

Why Teens are Vaping

Videos for Students

Videos help students understand the effects and consequences of drugs. .

Easy-to-Read Drug Facts

Easy-to-Read Site

Drug facts written for people with limited literacy skills (includes audio feature).



Visually engaging graphics on the latest statistics and trends on teen drug use.