NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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PEERx Toolkit: Help Prevent Teen  Prescription Drug Abuse

You can help raise awareness about the prevalence and dangers of teen prescription drug abuse. Use PEERx materials and NIDA’s research to share the facts with teens in your community and tell others about this major public health issue. On this page, you’ll find links to statistics and fact sheets, drop-in text for newsletters, suggested posts for social media, a PowerPoint slide, and Web badges that can help.

We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. Please also let us know when you use PEERx resources to educate teens about prescription drug abuse. Your efforts might be featured in our PEERx Partner Spotlight. Contact us at



NIDA Research Report about Prescription Drug Abuse

Drop-in Articles:

Social Media:

Powerpoint Presentation:

PEERx presentation

Use all or part of this presentation [PPT, 14.7 MB] to tell your community about teen prescription drug abuse and the resources available to teach teens about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Powerpoint Slide:

PEERx Partner Slides

Insert this slide (PPT, 1.9MB) into presentations about prescription drug abuse resources for teens, educators, mentors, and community leaders.

Web Badges:

Place the following badges on your Web site to link to the PEERx Activity Guide or Choose Your Path videos.

Activity Guide – 150x150 and 235x235

PEERx Activity Guide Badge 150x150

PEERx Activity Guide Badge 235x235

Choose Your Path – 150x133 and 235x235

Choose Your Path Badge 150x133

Choose Your Path Badge 235x235

PEERx – 150x150 and 235x235

PEERx Badge 150x150

PEERx Badge 235x235