What Are the Signs of Addiction?

The following questions can help you know whether you are addicted to drugs. Do you:

  • Take the drug more often or in larger amounts than intended?
  • Try unsuccessfully to quit or have a constant desire or craving for the drug?
  • Spend excessive time seeking the drug?
  • Give up other things for the drug?
  • Continue to use the drug, despite knowing you’re harming yourself and others?
  • Experience tolerance, or a need to take more and more of the drug to satisfy you?
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms (which may be different for different drugs)?
  • Take the drug to relieve or avoid withdrawal?

If you answer yes to several of the above, then chances are, you are addicted. We don't really know or understand who becomes addicted and why, or how much drug exposure it takes. Each person is different. But the longer someone takes drugs, the more likely it is that he/she will become addicted and suffer long-term, harmful brain changes.