San Juan Prevention Coalition

Where: Friday Harbor, WA
When: October 12, 2011 and November 1, 2011

Brief Description:Continue youth leadership development and Brain Campaign (addiction and neurotransmission impairment caused by marijuana) with a monthly summit with monthly touch points, and community outreach with bi-monthly touch points for parents. Include updated information that is presented by youth, parents and concerned community members. The Oct./Nov. period would include the NDFW information in our blog, Facebook and website. Distribution and review of the Shatter the Myths Booklet will be shared along with information from our most recent Healthy Youth Survey. In the Process of distributing the Marijuana Abuse Research Report Series as of June 24. Sept. 28-Youth Leadership Summit Goal Setting. Oct. 12- Youth Leadership Summit Follow up 1 actions. Nov. 19-Youth Leadership Summit Follow up 2 actions. Sept. 27-Community Dinner- Family Night Out. Nov. 1-Community Forum.

Science and Management of Addictions

Where: Seattle, WA
When: November 5, 2011

Brief Description: Hosting a youth and families trivia game using the National Drug IQ Challenge. Prizes will be given to the team that's scores the most points.

APhA-Generation Rx

Where: Pullman, WA
When: October 31 - November 4, 2011

Brief Description: The Generation Rx patient care project under the American Pharmacist Association is planning on campaigning the National Drug Facts Week from October 31st to November 4th in the CUB Lair. The College of Pharmacy organization will be collaborating with the ADCAPS program in efforts to reach out to the general WSU community and raise awareness about the misperceptions of prescription medications. We will be handing out free stress balls and passing out flyers containing medication facts through the week.

Wapato High School

Where: Wapato, WA
When: October 31 - November 6, 2011

Brief Description: Each Day a table will be set up with drug information. A question from the National Drug IQ Challenge will be read over the announcements in the morning and the first 4 students who come to the table with the correct answer will receive a prize. STM and other information will be available for the students as well as informational posters and displays.