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Our 2020 Events Map features all of the events and activities taking place during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® to SHATTER THE MYTHS® of drugs and drug use.

The orange icon orange circles indicate organizations that are holding multiple events. The green icon green circles indicate organizations that are holding single events. Click on the circle in your state to see event details or use the [+/- bar image here] to zoom in.

Events Registered: 485



Where: 1100 E Sheldon Street
Prescott, Arizona
Brief Description: We plan on holding a mini half day Conference with a speaker and a presentation, from about 12-4. We also plan on have a promotional chalk wall that students can write different facts on, with posters and other information on this wall as well.
Number of Events: 2

Chandler High School

Where: 350 N Arizona Ave
Chandler, Arizona
Brief Description: We set up lunch tables during both lunches and have kids fill out papers about why they want to shatter the myths about drugs and alcohol.
Number of Events: 2

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Plumas County Public Health Agency

Where: 270 County Hospital Road, Suite # 206
Quincy, California
Brief Description: We will play Jeopardy and do a campaign against vaping.
Number of Events: 4

Steele Canyon High School Friday Night Live

Where: 12440 Campo Road
Spring Valley, California
Brief Description: We will reach campus wide and community via Instagram and school website and the school broadcast
Number of Events: 2

Sierra Community Medical Foundation

Where: 4220 Rocklin Road
Rocklin, California
Brief Description: We plan to have guest speaker whom will provide education prevention and Naloxone distribution. Also, there will be a booth at the event handing out educational fliers and pamphlets. Both Middle and High School students will attend the event. We will try and collaborate with Tahoe Truckee Future Without Drug Dependence.
Number of Events: 2

Crittenton Services for Children and Families

Where: 801 E. Chapman Ave. #203
Fullerton, California
Brief Description: We plan to be a committed social media partner for National Drug & Alchohol Facts Week by actively promoting the observation, chat day and all other online activities associated with the observation. This is a perfect opportunity to create continued awareness about these issues with our social media followers. We also plan to conduct internal educational events with all of our current clients (youth and their families) using our residential treatment and outpatient mental health programming and collect photography from those sessions to help promote the weeklong social media campaign.
Number of Events: 5

San Benito County Opioid Task Force

Where: 351 Tres Pinos Road
Hollister, California
Brief Description: We plan to hold a social media campaign geared towards parents for information on drugs, addiction science and the developing brain, and opioids and other Rx pain relievers.
Number of Events: 5


Where: 4206 WEST DAKOTA
FRESNO, California
Number of Events: 2

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SOUTHINGTON, Connecticut
Number of Events: 2

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The Hockessin Montessori School

Where: 1000 Old Lancaster Pike
Hockessin, Delaware
Brief Description: Middle school event to educate our elementary students, teachers, staff and parents about drugs and alcohol subjects researched by our Middle School students.
Number of Events: 1

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Ocps Apopka middle

Where: 425 n park ave
Apopka, Florida
Brief Description: Anti vaping
Number of Events: 1

Manatee High School

Where: 903 33rd st ct w
Bradenton, Florida
Brief Description: Using traffic Wrong way signs to signify going the wrong way using drugs. Drug and Alcohol kahoots trivia Vision goggles drunken simulation Drug and alcohol fact table with treats and novelties
Number of Events: 4

Olympia HS Peer Counselors

Where: 4301 S Apopka vineland road
Orlando, Florida
Brief Description: PSA's on the school news program. Posters, and information/game table at lunch
Number of Events: 1

American Senior HS

Where: 18350 NW 67th Ave
Hialeah, Florida
Brief Description: We would like to have an assembly style presentation. Audience would be a mix of 9th-12th grade classes
Number of Events: 2

SAFE: Youth Ambassadors

Where: 425 N Park Ave
Apopka, Florida
Brief Description: Facts & brochures presented guest speaker trivia games posters
Number of Events: 3

Webber International University

Where: 1201 N. Scenic Hwy
Babson Park, Florida
Brief Description: Campaign to get information to the students about responsible use and effects of each
Number of Events: 1

Clay County School District

Where: 23 Green St south
Green Cove SPrings, FL, Florida
Brief Description: 300
Number of Events: 3

University of Miami School Health Initiative

Where: 1601 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, Florida
Brief Description: We will be conducting an event during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week as a campaign to provide preventive education to middle and high school students on drug and alcohol use. We will conduct these events in at least 4 different schools.
Number of Events: 4

AMMS SAFE: Youth Ambassadors

Where: 425 N Park Ave
Apopka, Florida
Brief Description: The SAFE: Youth Ambassadors will be sharing facts and information about the dangers of marijuana during the lunch periods for 6th-8th grade students.
Number of Events: 4

Guardian Recvoery Network

Where: 3333 S Congress Ave
Delray Beach, Florida
Brief Description: We plan on posting substance abuse facts for the month of March, approximately 35 posts. The facts will be around the correlation and rates of recreational drug use turning into addiction which will be targeted towards students and those just beginning to try drugs and alcohol. We have around 20,000 followers across all our social media pages for our facilities.
Number of Events: 35

Broward Math an Science Schools

Margate, Florida
Brief Description: We will conduct a preventive campaign by providing meaningful information to the students in our K- 8 grade school. We will have a guest speaker and a variety of interactive and hands-on activities.
Number of Events: 13

Eckerd Connects

Where: 2226 Sarno Rd.
Melbourne, Florida
Brief Description: I am planning a large scale, interactive event where students middle to high school age will have to opportunity to play drug education games such as JeaPARODY, take the Drug IQ quiz, partner with our local Sherriff's office to simulate drunk driving, and use fatal vision goggles to simulate intoxication while trying to walk an obstacle course. I also envision having a few speakers to present about opioids, vaping, and alcohol. I will also feature some relevant community resource tables with supportive information on recovery, treatment, and healthy alternatives.
Number of Events: 1

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Learn To Grow, Inc.

Where: 859 Cascade Ave.
Atlanta, Georgia
Brief Description: Anti-Tobacco and Anti Juuling Prevention Symposium.
Number of Events: 1

Washington County Regional Medical Center

Where: 610 Sparta Road
Sandersville, Georgia
Brief Description: To make teens aware of the dangers with information.
Number of Events: 1

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Brief Description: This is the first time that I will be hosting such event for our school. I am planning on conducting an educational and interactive experience for all my middle schoolers as well as school faculty and staff in order to address this teen issue on underage drinking and substance abuse
Number of Events: 6

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Bonneville Youth Development Council, Inc.

Where: 245 N Placer Ave
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Brief Description: We will be holding a luncheon to educate the community on the four substances that our local youth are abusing. We will also be awarding local youth and adults who have been champions and supporters of substance abuse prevention.
Number of Events: 1

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Our Redeemer Church Good Way Group

Where: 1320 S. Blackhawk Ave.
Freeport , Illinois
Brief Description: 150 minute coffee house social event along with 60 minute presentation on realities of substance use and abuse, especially alcohol and marjuana via Powerpoint, personal testimony and group discussion. Audience is grades 8 - 12. No other organizations involved, but A.A. and N.A. material also made available.
Number of Events: 1

It's From The Heart n.f.p.

Where: 1639 Center Ave
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Brief Description: My plan is deliver chemical dependency and mental health to community and church members in the Chicago Heights area through interactive activties and open disussion. intergration of other organizations are pending
Number of Events: 4

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Where: 1 Wildcat Lane
Brookville, Indiana
Brief Description: We will host online trivia questions each day through school email. Students who correctly answer the questions will be entered to win prizes.
Number of Events: 7

Coalition for a Drug Free Batesville

Where: 132 S. Main Street
Batesville, Indiana
Brief Description: Still in Planning!
Number of Events: 3

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Frederick Douglass High School

Where: 2000 Winchester Rd
Lexington, Kentucky
Brief Description: Morning announcements and Academy of Health Sciences project based learning
Number of Events: 2

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Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High

Where: 248 Ash Street
Goldonna, Louisiana
Brief Description: this is the first time I have put together an event like this. I am not sure what I plan to do
Number of Events: 1

Bunkie High School

Where: 435 Evergreen St
Bunkie, Louisiana
Brief Description: We will make different posters and display them around the school for the entire week about mental illness.
Number of Events: 1

Buckeye High School Healthy Living Club

Where: 715 Hwy 1207
Deville, Louisiana
Brief Description: Students will have alcohol, and drug facts read over the intercom during school. They will also be shown a video during homeroom. The video will be of a parent of one of our former students that was killed , because of drinking and driving. Students will also display educational posters about drug and alcohol facts around campus. The audience will be 1001 students (6th - 12th grade), and local community.
Number of Events: 3

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Pequawket Valley Health Initiatives at Fryeburg Academy

Where: Main Street
Fryeburg, Maine
Brief Description: School based activities to culminate with an assembly
Number of Events: 3

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Motor Vehicle Academy, LLC

Where: 1398 Cape St Claire Rd
Annapolis, Maryland
Brief Description: Anti Drinking and Driving campaign
Number of Events: 1

HC DrugFree

Where: 5305 Village Center Dr., Suite 206
Columbia, Maryland
When: December 31, 1969
Brief Description: Continue educating the community
Number of Events: 1

Redland Middle School

Where: 6505 Muncaster Mill Road
Rockville, Maryland
Brief Description: Information table, posters, a poster contest, daily announcements focusing on a different drug or alcohol each day of school. Our audience is middle school students.
Number of Events: 4

Sudbrook Magnet Middle School

Where: 4300 Bedford Road
Baltimore , Maryland
Brief Description: Providing education during our health classes to our 7th and 8th graders, and having information displayed throughout the school, along with daily announcements facts for 6-8th grader to hear.
Number of Events: 11

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West Springfield CARE Coalition

Where: 26 Central St
West Springfield, Massachusetts
Brief Description: TBD
Number of Events: 5

The Redeemed Church

Where: 85 Bishop Allen Dr.
Cambridge , Massachusetts
Brief Description: For parents and children education and awareness
Number of Events: 3

Southbridge Academy

Where: 25 Cole Ave
Southbridge , Massachusetts
Brief Description: Event will take place in an alternative school (30) students and (10) staff. These are low-income students facing behavioral issues, substance abuse and mental health concerns.
Number of Events: 1

Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative

Where: 365 Lindell Ave
Leominster, Massachusetts
Brief Description: To educate youth of the dangers that drugs and alcohol have on your overall well being. It does involve other community organizations, the audience goal is to have 13-18 year olds attend, and we plan on holding where teens are already. We plan on having something simple, where the youth would create a kahoot game and also a presentation on alcohol and drugs.
Number of Events: 1

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The Coalition for Urban Youth and Family Development

Where: 18700 James Couzens Fwy
Detroit, Michigan
Brief Description: Youth leadership training, Underage Drinking, and Youth Marijuana Use Prevention Townhalls
Number of Events: 1

The Center for Urban Youth and Family Development

Where: 18700 James Couzens Fwy
Detroit, Michigan
Brief Description: Youth leadership training, Underage Drinking, and Youth Marijuana Use Prevention Townhalls
Number of Events: 2

Lansing Young Marines

Where: 102 N. Oakland St.
Saint Johns , Michigan
Brief Description: Inform kids and parents about drug user and abuse and how to get help by passing out information and talking to them.
Number of Events: 4

Houghton-Keweenaw Communities That Care

Where: 47431 M-26 Unit 5B
Houghton, Michigan
Brief Description: I will be visiting 9 Teen Outreach Program clubs in the area, which is an evidence-based after school club in the area that teaches kids lessons in life skills. I will be playing the NDAFW Bingo game with them and emphasizing the dangers of using alcohol and other substances. The club is a mixture of middle and high school students.
Number of Events: 9

Gogebic County Communities That Care

Where: P.O. Box 63
Ramsay, Michigan
Brief Description: We would like to do assemblies in the schools and look at bringing in resources to interact with each school, like a resource fair for students, giving them opportunities to talk with each and interactive tables about different alcohol or drugs facts. We will look at presenting to 6th-12th, also inviting families in. We will look at working with the Hidden in Plain sight trailer, and also local organizations for tables of resources or interactive tables.
Number of Events: 4

Chippewa County Health Department

Where: 508 Ashmun Street Suite 120
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Brief Description: During the week of March 30th through April 3rd our coalition will have a daily events table with educational materials and a sign up for a social media contest throughout the week for undergraduate students
Number of Events: 2

Chippewa County Health Department

Where: 508 Ashmun Street Suite 120
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Brief Description: Our Coalition will be partnering with the high school youth engagement to create a trivia game for local middle School Students with a poster contest on any of the information that was provided on the social media sites during the week of Drug and Alcohol Fact Week.
Number of Events: 1

Dickinson County Communities That Care

Where: 301 Kent St
Iron mountain, Michigan
Brief Description: Students will come for food, dancing, and games large prizes will be given a drug and alcohol free night . 7th to 10th grade students in all school districts
Number of Events: 1

Luce County Communities that Care

Where: 405 Newberry Ave
Newberry , Michigan
Brief Description: I will do radio ads and newspaper articles along with small blurbs on social media and have our youth participate in writing the blurbs, ads and social media posts
Number of Events: 4

Delta County Communities That Care

Where: 2920 College Avenue
Escanaba, Michigan
Brief Description: We typically work with local restaurants by printing the NDAFW quiz on placements. The local restaurants use them throughout NDAFW instead of their normal place-mats. Families.
Number of Events: 1

Communities that Care of Marinette & Menominee Counties

Where: 1201 41st Avenue
Menominee, Michigan
Brief Description: We will be releasing facts on our social media pages, website and within the local schools that we are active in!
Number of Events: 4

Iron County CTC

Where: 305 west genesee st
Iron River, Michigan
Brief Description: A scavenger hunt (educational) in the morning with an open house with informational packets/take home flyers afterwards
Number of Events: 2

Citywide mentoring

Where: 18498 Edinburgh rd
Detroit, Michigan
Brief Description: Went into host Community Event open house with information provided and other activities an art contest speakers panelist
Number of Events: 3

Mackinac Communities That Care

Where: West 443 Portage Road
St. Ignace, Michigan
Brief Description: We plan to do a school wide scavenger hunt with raffle prizes along with a sober spring break social media campaign. We will target 9th-12th graders.
Number of Events: 3

Drug Free Northern Michigan Coalition Alliance

Where: 1999 Walden Dr.
Gaylord, Michigan
Brief Description: All coalitions covering 21 counties will be posting a topic each day on social media.
Number of Events: 5

Ontonagon County Communities That Care

Where: Ontonagon Area School District
Ontonagon, Michigan
Brief Description: Present addiction science and the developing brain to 6th - 10th grade students in the classroom.
Number of Events: 10

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Grace Outreach Communty Developement Center

Where: 1633 Broadway Extended
Greenville, Mississippi
Brief Description: We are educating our community on epidemic of vaping, tobacco products, and marijuana which is very prevalent in our area. We plan to invite other faith based organizations, community members and leaders to come get educated on vaping, tobacco products, and marijuana which is very prevalent in our area. We will also invite with our local substance abuse office and local tobacco project director to assist us with this forum to educate our target office. We will also have testimonies from people in our community that have overcame and answer questions from the audience.
Number of Events: 1

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Western Montana Mental Health

Where: 34169 US Hwy 2
Libby, Montana
Brief Description: Rock Lincoln County
Number of Events: 3

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Church of Christ

Where: 480- Clear Creek Avenue Carson City, NV 89701
Carson City, Nevada
Brief Description: Church missionizing event, goal to help educate the public where to go and when to seek help.
Number of Events: 1

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New Hampshire

Dover Youth to Youth

Where: Alumni Drive
Dover, New Hampshire
Brief Description: Speaker at the high school for at least the junior class, combined with follow up poster/ info tent campaign and radio PSAs on local stations that reinforce the messages of teh presentation.
Number of Events: 2

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New Jersey

Union City Public Schools: Alcohol & Drug Prevention (ADP)

Where: 2500 Kennedy Blvd
Union City , New Jersey
Brief Description: Student will facilitate workshops to health classes on E-Cigs/ Vaping
Number of Events: 5

Summit High School

Where: 125 Kent Place Blvd
Summit, New Jersey
Brief Description: We have many different events going on: Morning announcements with data and impact Visual display with resources for addiction and mental health Assembly OM3D (similar to Every 15 Minutes) with 11 and 12 grade experiencing a mock accident and the aftermath of the accident due to drug, drunk or distracted driving Health classes teachable moments Mental Health Awareness Club doing an activity with concurring conditions
Number of Events: 5

Union City Board of Education

Where: 318 18th Street
Wood Ridge, New Jersey
Brief Description: School-wide campaign to promote drug and alcohol education and prevention.
Number of Events: 2

Bernards Township Health Department

Where: 262 South Finley Ave
Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Brief Description: Social media campaign for our Facebook followers
Number of Events: 5

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New York


Where: 42 Shore Road
Babylon, New York
Brief Description: Help others
Number of Events: 1

Health Education Programs

Where: 20 Pierces Road
Newburgh, New York
Brief Description: Gotta meet with other community organizations to determine this.
Number of Events: 1

SUNY Orange Wellness Center

Where: 115 South Street, Middletown, NY, United States 10940
Middletown, New York
Brief Description: We will play a game of Wellness Jeopardy! Drug Facts Edition as well as provide informational tabling. We will invite a drug prevention agency in our area to table alongside us. Our audience is community college students.
Number of Events: 2

Ossining Union Free School District

Where: 29 S. Highland Ave
Ossining, New York
Brief Description: We plan to host a week long awareness campaign at the High School. Our Y2Y Club will take on a big role in carrying this event out. Our audience will be their peer students, and faculty who would like to be involved. Our plan does not involve other organizations.
Number of Events: 5

Binghamton University

Where: 4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, New York
Brief Description: Binghamton University is a public university in New York that serves a diverse population of students ages 18-24. For National Drug Facts Week 2020 we plan to release promotional information on top drugs of concern (Alcohol, marijuana, adderall, and e-cigs) as well as a tabling/informational event during that week. At the event we will have trivia questions for students to answer.
Number of Events: 1

West Valley Central School

Where: 5359 School St
West Valley, New York
Brief Description: An opportunity to have our SADD Chapter educate our youth grades PreK-12
Number of Events: 1

CAPE at Linden Avenue Middle School

Where: 65 W Market Street
Red Hook, New York
Brief Description: As the prevention counselor in our school, I would like to host a lunch table/awareness event during all three lunch periods (6th-8th grade) and allow students to take the NDAFW quiz with an opportunity to test their knowledge and be entered to win prizes. I will also display posters on the risks of various drugs and be available to answer any questions.
Number of Events: 1

RyeACT Coalition

Where: Rye Community (multiple locations)
Rye, New York
Brief Description: The RyeACT Youth Action Team (youth leaders from the high school) will work with students from the middle school and adult members of the coalition's communications team and substance-specific action teams (subcommittees) to create a series of facts/data points to "shatter the myths" about our 4 substances of focus: alcohol, marijuana, e-cigs/vaping, and Rx drugs. Youth will select the messages (a series of 5-7 per substance), and generate the designs. Facts will be displayed throughout the middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12) during NDAFW. Images will also be shared with the larger community through social media posts (rotating), print ads in the local newspaper, and student newspaper, and presentations to community leaders. "Research" to identify and select messages will be done by students (HS youth coalition members and 8th graders in the middle school health classes). Students will also work with the coalition's graphic designer to create the designs, and will be responsible for presenting the information to community leaders, and sharing it with youth on social media. We are also working on a possible component for elementary school youth that is still TBD. Adult coalition members will disseminate messages to adults on the RyeACT website and social media, and via print ads in the local newspaper.
Number of Events: 5

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North Carolina

Jp2 students against destructive decisions

Where: John Paul II Catholic High School 2725 E 14th Street Greenville, NC 27858 US
Greenville , North Carolina
Brief Description: The basic idea of this is the Students Against Destructive Decisions club members will get together on a Saturday to make or put up information posters about the dangers of drug/alcohol especially for teens. We will be putting these up Monday morning at school if we make them if we do not make them ourselves we will put them up Saturday and than watch a informational movie on The dangers of drugs/alcohol. Our targeting audience is teenagers in our school to help inform them on the real dangers of drug/alcohol use.
Number of Events: 1

West Wilkes Middle School

Where: 1677 N. Hwy 16
Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Brief Description: Our prevention team will have a drug facts trivia game set up during the 3 lunches and possible at our end of the year PBIS celebration.
Number of Events: 2

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Catholic Charities Services

Where: 1515 West 29 st
Cleveland, Ohio
Brief Description: I am planning to bring awareness to our community about the heroin epidemic in Ohio. The target are the parents. There will be two presentation one November 12, 2019 in English. November 19, 2019 in Spanish. Both presentation will be hold at St. Michael Church hall in Cleveland Oh.
Number of Events: 2

Ashley Donaugh

Where: 1205 Cambridge Road
Coshocton, Ohio
Brief Description: I will be participating in the Drug week for my Health classes. The grade level range from 8th grade to 10th grade.
Number of Events: 5

Loveland Educating Against Alcohol and Drugs Coalition (LEAAD)

Where: 801 S Lebanon Road
Loveland, Ohio
Brief Description: Social media campaign/posting each day, trivia gift card giveaway by challenging students at Loveland High School and Loveland Middle School to take the myth busting survey, having an information table during lunches at both LHS and LMS (grades 7-12). Youth members of our coalition will staff the booth.
Number of Events: 8


Where: 1930 Reid Ave
Lorain, Ohio
Brief Description: Midview Middle School will hold a scavenger hunt. Students will have to find the answer to questions surrounding vaping throughout their school. Once all questions are complete, the student will get a prize.
Number of Events: 1

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Nowata CAN

Where: 111 North Maple Street
Nowata, Oklahoma
Brief Description: Chat day
Number of Events: 3

Asher Public Schools

Where: 201 S Division PO Box 168
Asher, Oklahoma
Brief Description: Poster and essay contest
Number of Events: 1

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Tualatin Together

Where: 22300 SW Boones Ferry Road
Tualatin, Oregon
Brief Description: We will host in partnership with our school based health center, a school wide health fair.
Number of Events: 1

Hood River County Prevention Department

Where: 1602 May St
Hood River , Oregon
Brief Description: Hood River Middle School Students will participate in NIDA activities
Number of Events: 1

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Counseling Services and the Alcohol and Other Drug Program

Where: Arcadia University
Glenside, Pennsylvania
Brief Description: information on drugs and alcohol at the event. Main focus will be on marijuana use which is most prevalent on our campus. We will have an interactive game for students to walk over to the table and gift card to raffle off.
Number of Events: 1

Bellefonte Area Middle School

Where: 100 North School Street
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Brief Description: Poster Contest Drugs Facts Chat Day
Number of Events: 1

Northern Potter School District

Where: 745 Northern Potter Road
Ulysses, Pennsylvania
Brief Description: I'd like to do 2 events, one for my children's school and one for my high school. I will reach out to PTO and teachers. It will be displays, conversations and posters.
Number of Events: 16

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South Carolina

Federation of Families of South Carolina

Where: 810 Dutch Square Blvd.
Columbia, South Carolina
Brief Description: Displays will be set-up at libraries and during trainings/meetings sponsored by our organization. They will also be shared during Parent and Youth Family Support Networks.
Number of Events: 1

Teens for Healthy Youth Bluffton High

Where: 12 H.E. McCracken Circle
Bluffton, South Carolina
Brief Description: Teens for Healthy Youth is going to engage in peer to peer education
Number of Events: 1

Teens for Healthy Youth Hilton Head Christian Academy

Where: 55 Gardner Dr.
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Brief Description: Teens for Healthy Youth will engage in peer-to-peer education
Number of Events: 2

Teens for Healthy Youth Hilton Head Prep School

Where: 8 Fox Grape Road
Hilton Head, South Carolina
Brief Description: Peer to peer education and activities.
Number of Events: 3

Teens for Healthy Youth May River High School

Where: 601 New Riverside Road
Bluffton, South Carolina
Brief Description: Teens going to engage in peer to peer education
Number of Events: 5

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Smith County Drug Prevention Coalition

Where: 122 Turner High Circle
Carthage, Tennessee
Brief Description: still in planning stage
Number of Events: 2

Clinton High School SADD club/Youth Ambassadors

Where: Clinton High School
Clinton, Tennessee
Brief Description: Drug facts trivia contest during the lunch periods. Daily announcements, posters, hand outs --9th through 12th grade
Number of Events: 2

Carter County Drug Prevention

Where: 546 E Elk Ave
Elizabethton, Tennessee
Brief Description: We will create a display at the Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library on talking to kids about alcohol, tobacco, drugs and mental health. We will post on social media each day and show the film, “Resilience” to wrap up the week.
Number of Events: 3

DrugFree WilCo

Where: 228 E. Main Street
Lebanon, Tennessee
Brief Description: Candlelight vigil and testimonials in planning stage.
Number of Events: 2

Each One Teach One E1 T1

Where: 2410 Tunnel blvd
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Brief Description: In the Chattanooga, TN area we are seeing our youth /school-aged kids experiment with illicit drugs for the first time. Therefore it is even more urgent that drug education and prevention measures reach kids before start.
Number of Events: 2

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Tarrant County College

Brief Description: Our campus has a prevention education program called dashh (drugs. alcohol. sex. harassment. hazing) where we talk about and educate our college students on these topics. We host various events from hands-on, and workshops.
Number of Events: 4

HealthQuest CR (Compassionate Care)

Where: 3944 Broadway St Suite B
Houston, Texas
Brief Description: • Increase awareness, understanding, and empathy on the disease of addiction, including the use of VAPING and HOOKAH. • Reduce stigma, distrust, shame, fear, and discrimination. • Encourage and inspire people who need help to seek treatment and recovery supports. Audience - Teens, High School, College student, and Parents
Number of Events: 3

DASHH Prevention Squad

Where: 2100 Southeast Pkwy
Arlington, Texas
Brief Description: Pop-up events including discussions, workshops, and interactive displays along with giveaways to inform community college students and early college high school students who attend this campus.
Number of Events: 2

Community Development Partnerships, Inc.

Where: 10650 Culebra Rd
San Antonio, Texas
Brief Description: Outreach multiple communication events to 6-12 students, parents and community involving other organizations.
Number of Events: 5

West Lake Middle School Student Council

Where: 11810 Madera Run Pkwy
Humble, Texas
Brief Description: We would like to have a Pep Rally on April 3rd. We will have games and fun activities. After each activity, we will share facts about drug use. This event will be for grades 6-8.
Number of Events: 2

The Menninger Clinic

Where: 12301 Main Street
Houston, Texas
Brief Description: During the week we will provide educational presentations to patients, informational tables for staff and patients, and electronic education/awareness for staff
Number of Events: 8

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Washington County Youth Coalition

Where: 620 S 400 E, St. George, UT 84770
St. George, Utah
Brief Description: Youth coalition makes posters and creates PSA's for their school announcements, they say the drug fact over the announcements each day at school. Kids post posters of facts about drugs and drug trends specifically to our community. High school is the audience, we include local public health department and behavioral health department
Number of Events: 5

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Black River Area Community Coalition

Where: 37 N Depot St
Ludlow, Vermont
Brief Description: BRACC would like to host a community event open to the public at the local town hall during National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week. We would discuss the topics of drugged driving and Marijuana because marijuana is now legalized medicinally and recreational. So far, we plan on having a panel, information table, and open discussion about the health risks of marijuana. We may try and go into the Ludlow Elementary School and Black River Middle/High School to talk to the students about the health risk of marijuana and drugged driving.
Number of Events: 2

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Family Engagement Services

Where: 2342 Plank Road
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Brief Description: We are training our staff on substance abuse so that they will be able to serve more of our clients. The issue has gotten so big we need to all stand together and make changes.
Number of Events: 2

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Centralia Middle School prevention team

Where: 151 Hampe way, suite C-2-1 Chehalis WA. 98532
Centralia, Washington
Brief Description: Prevention engaging with other students and providing information.
Number of Events: 1

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West Virginia

Hundred High School

Where: 3490 Hornet Hwy
Hundred, West Virginia
Brief Description: Educate students about the dangerous effects of underage alcohol consumption.
Number of Events: 3

Youth Health Service, Inc.

Where: 971 Harrison Avenue
Elkins, West Virginia
Brief Description: Youth Health Services AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer will be going to all local middle and high schools in Randolph County to host a Lunch N Learn. Educational materials will be handed out as well as goodies. Additionally, posters about vaping and the Crisis Text Line will be hung up around the schools. On our Facebook page we will also post an informational campaign with current statistics.
Number of Events: 4

SADD Raleigh County Chapter

Where: 1256 North Eisenhower Drive
Beckley, West Virginia
Brief Description: We will host multiple tabling events during the week in schools and high teen traffic community settings (movie theater, library, etc.) Audience would be teens, young adults and parents. We will work in conjunction with ARH Hospital, FMRS, Raleigh County Prevention Coalition, etc. We also have a huge event pop culture convention in our community at the end of April that our members will set up an informational table at. This 3-day event sees an average of 1500 persons and the ages are primarily 13-30.
Number of Events: 5

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American Indian Council on Alcoholism

Where: 6510 W. Layton Ave
Greenfield, Wisconsin
Brief Description: Informational campaign throughout the week with info tables, posters, brief presentations
Number of Events: 2

Drug Free Adams County

Where: 108 E. North Street
Friendship, Wisconsin
Brief Description: Students from the alternative high school will be teaching all 6th grade classrooms about e-cigarettes and JUULs. They will have an educational display with different chemicals that shows that chemicals found in things such as gasoline and nail polish are also found in these products.
Number of Events: 5

Raiders Committed

Where: 1015 W Broadway Ave
Medford, Wisconsin
Brief Description: We will be providing students, community members, and faculty with information pertaining to e-cigarettes/vaping.
Number of Events: 4

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Students 4 Change

Where: 1000 W. Lakeway Rd.
Gillette, Wyoming
Brief Description: We are running a PSA and will plan on hanging posters around the school and maybe have a scavenger hunt planned.
Number of Events: 3

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Outside the US

Associazione "Casa Famiglia Rosetta"

Where: Contrada Bagno, snc
Brief Description: We are planning n. 10 meetings with students (16-18 aged) and teachers starting from 9/03/2020 to 18/03/2020. They will stay in ACFR TC hearing knowledge about Drug and Alcohol with staff and testimonials. They will organize a meeting with students from other schools and local administration representatives, on 2nd and 3rd of march 2020.
Number of Events: 2

Bensther Development Foundation

Where: University Secondary School ,Enugu
Brief Description: the events will involve a prevention campaign with at least 80-100 students per school and school teachers . However the campaign will end with the establishment of School Gold clubs which will serve to sustain prevention activities in the schools and other schools.
Number of Events: 2


panadura, North Central
Brief Description: Our audience is drug addicts. They got a community correction order from the court. So we give them support and conduct awareness programs to help with avoiding drug users.
Number of Events: 5

Centre for Health and Substance Abuse Prevention (CHEASAP)

Where: 19, Olagoke Akano Street
Ibadan, Oyo
Brief Description: 1. Sensitize schools 2. Campaigns 3. Radio and TV interview 4.Press Briefings Students from 8-19 years.
Number of Events: 6

Colegio Inglés

Where: Pastoriza 1469
Montevideo, Montevideo
Brief Description: The aim is to include students from the last grade in College, aged between 16-18 years old , and help them to perform a campaign regarding the risks of drug use in adolescence. It is expected that they can show their activities to teachers and parents, as well as interact with younger students.
Number of Events: 5

Crawford International School

Where: Crawford International School
Brief Description: The Drug & Alcohol Facts Week is scheduled to take place at the Crawford International School from Monday January 27 to Thursday January 30, 2020. The theme of the campaign is “Love Yourself, Don’t Drug Yourself!” The purpose of the campaign is to share information with the students as well as the larger community about drugs and alcohol. The emphatic message is that drugs and alcohol are harmful to them, both physically and psychologically. The campaign has adopted a student-centered approach, with various activities designed to inform them about the risks of alcohol and other drug use, in addition to giving them practical skills to make decisions that minimize harm. The use of an ASK-IT-BASKET will provide students an opportunity to freely ask questions about drugs and alcohol, whilst providing us with baseline information to help us design programs in the future aimed at meeting the students’ needs. To further promote the student-centered approach, the peer mentoring club is taking a leadership role in the week’s activities. The club comprises of Y9-11 students who are passionate about leaders and mentors in the future and what better way to give them visibility. They will be interacting with the entire Crawford community through the various activities in the course of the campaign. The activities that have been lined up for the campaign include wearing red ribbons and smileys, assembly sessions, a puppet show for the younger children (KG-Y3), video clips, and a one-on-one interaction between the guest speaker and peer mentors. Parents will receive either hard or e-copies of an information pack on “What every parent needs to know.” We will be hosting Mr. Denis Omumbwa, a recovering addict who will be sharing his story in both assemblies, on Monday (with Y7-11 students) and on Wednesday (with Y4-6 students). He will also have a one-on-one meeting with the school’s peer mentors. We have two other guests: Ms. Mary Ng’endo, program coordinator at Eden Village, a rehabilitation center based in Lower Kabete, and Mr. Joseph Kabochi, a team member at Teen Challenge and Founder of Reclaimers Foundation. In addition, Ms. Shazma Mukri and Lucinda Ochieng from Premier Academy will be joining us on one of the days for peer-to-peer information sharing. Ms. Mukri is the lead counselor at Premier Academy.
Number of Events: 10

Dirección de Prevención y Combate a las Adicciones, Gob de Guadalajara

Where: Pino Suarez 107
Guadalajara, Jalisco
Brief Description: We plan to have in the week: a social media campaing, a photograph exposition, a workshop of stess reduction and game material
Number of Events: 3

Drug Abuse and Mental Health Initiative (DAMI)

Where: KLM 5, Arulogun road, Ojoo, Ibadan
Brief Description: To equip elementary, middle and high school children with knowledge about drug abuse, dangers of drug abuse and skills for resisting peer pressure to experiment with drugs, alcohol, marijuana and tobacco. To promote awareness and increase communication among young adolescent regarding mental health and mental illness. To broaden the public awareness of suicide and its risk factors. Target group includes: students, teachers and parents
Number of Events: 2

Food and Genes Initiative

Where: Ibadan, Oyo State
Brief Description: Data released by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics suggested that 14.3 million people in Nigeria are smoking Marijuana with about 75% youths involved. Secondary schools students are highly involved in smoking cannabis due to peer pressure, lack of parental care, occultism and other reasons. Our event will be a 2 days event with the purpose of enlightening students on the effect of marijuana on their health and informing parents on monitoring their children. Assembly Campaign in 5 public secondary schools in Ibadan southwest Nigeria. We will be making use of materials provided by NDAFW to show the students on what marijuana cause to their brain and why they should not go near smoking it. We will be organizing a social media campaign on Twitter, using fliers, quotes, and information obtained from the materials provided by NDAFW. The purpose of this is to enlighten parents on monitoring their children against smoking marijuana and engaging in abusing drugs.
Number of Events: 5

Food and gene initiative

Where: Lagos
Lagos ,
Brief Description: In Lagos Nigeria, we are reaching to 25 school of which we partook in the program and reached about 4000 student within 4 schools, this year we are looking into engaging about 8,000 student through Class Engagements ,Meet them in class and teach them about facts related to drug abuse. Make it as interactive as possible. Peer Education, Train a group of students and ask them to teach their peers. This makes the class to be more engaging and it will a great platform to create a DRUG ABUSE CLUB among others which include infographic and discussion
Number of Events: 3

Food and gene initiative

Where: Akure, ondo state Nigeria
Akure , Ondo
Brief Description: In akure, ondo state Nigeria, we are reaching to 20 secondary school of which we partook in the program and reached about 2500 student within 4 schools, this year we are looking into engaging about 6,000 student through Class Engagements ,Meet them in class and teach them about facts related to drug abuse. Make it as interactive as possible Class Engagements Meet them in class and teach them about facts related to drug abuse Make it as interactive as possible, Peer Education, Train a group of students and ask them to teach their peers. This makes the class to be more engaging and it will a great platform to create a DRUG ABUSE CLUB among others
Number of Events: 3


Where: rio yautepec 5 - 1
Brief Description: dar a conocer los daños y consecuencias ocasionados por las sustancias en el organismo, y SNC.
Number of Events: 1

Hodplus Developmental services

Where: No.1 Midwestern oil field, utagba ogbe, kwale
Brief Description: Definition, effects of drug abuse, types of drugs etc
Number of Events: 3

Instituto Asunción de México

Where: Calzada de las Águilas 219. Las Águilas. Álvaro Obregón. CP 01710. México, DMX
Ciudad de México,
Brief Description: Program "Teachers of the Assumption facing addictions" (high school teachers) National Drugs and Alcohol Chat Day (9th grade) Presentation of students of the 12th grade health class on addictions to 7th grade students. Addictions workshop by 8th grade specialist. Testimony of drug users in rehabilitation to 11th grade students.
Number of Events: 5

Prevention Center, "Choice"

Where: 9, Samostrov Street, Office 79
Brief Description: Sessions of the Prevention Program, "Choice", which includes 10 lessons, will be conducted in 27 schools for around 1200 fifth-graders.
Number of Events: 27

Slum Child Foundation

Where: 47714 00100
Nairobi, Kenya,
Brief Description: Slum Child Foundation will be conducting a ten-day campaign in the slums of Nairobi, where each day we target to reach at least a school with a population of 100 students to talk about the myths related to substance abuse disorders and how we can rectify that
Number of Events: 10

The Change's Community Based Organization

Where: Nairobi
Brief Description: This organization mandate is to initiate public education campaign and develop an action plan aimed at curbing drug abuse .
Number of Events: 3


Brief Description: Dynamic educational activities, promotions with information throughout the university, competitions and drug knowledge survey are carried out. Educational videos are displayed in the Student Center, where there is the greatest flow of students and an email about the various activities is sent to the entire university community (students, teachers and administrative and support staff). We have a population of about 2,500 students and we are a university that offers baccalaureate programs. We also invite student organizations to co-sponsor and promote the various activities.
Number of Events: 5

YASA Foundation

Where: 14 Chinedu Close, Off MCC Road
Brief Description: Seminar and Street Walk
Number of Events: 2

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