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Our 2021 events map features events and activities that took place during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® to SHATTER THE MYTHS® about drugs, alcohol, and addiction.

Due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, NIDA understands the listed events on the site are tentative, and may need to be canceled, postponed, or may have to change their format. Please check with the sponsoring organizations to see how to participate in particular NDAFW events.

The  orange circles indicate organizations that are holding multiple events. The  green circles indicate organizations that are holding single events. Select the circle in your state to see event details or use the [+/- bar image here] to zoom in. You can also review a list of events by state below the map.

Registered Events: 2,055

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West High School

Where: 1700 Hillcrest Drive
Anchorage, Alaska
Description: Social Media Campaign around Alcohol. Each Day we will post alcohol facts online.
Number of Events: 5

Alaska Children's Trust

Where: 3201 C ST STE 110
Anchorage, Alaska
Description: Webinar: From Data to Practice Series: YRBS Results on Alcohol Use and the Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP)

Description: The From Data to Practice Series, hosted by the Alaska Children’s Trust (ACT), offers an opportunity to learn how Alaska’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) results are used to inform programs, policies, and priorities across Alaska. Each webinar will provide a review of select 2019 YRBS topics and results; information on programs, projects, and resources available across Alaska; followed by a spotlight on services and outreach efforts in one or more of our local communities. These discussions allow communities to build supports and learn from one another as we endeavor to improve health behavior-related outcomes in Alaska. This quarter’s discussion focuses on alcohol use and the Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP).
Number of Events: 1


Dothan High School SADD

Where: 1236 South Oates Street
Dothan, Alabama
Description: We will be conducting seatbelt safety checks, simulators, and an assembly.
Number of Events: 1

Drug Education Council, Inc.

Where: 3000 Television Avenue
Mobile, Alabama
Description: We are planning resource tables to be set up outside with Opioids and Rx pain information. Also we want to give away pill organizer cases to the elderly.
Number of Events: 3

Baldwin County Community Alliance- AltaPointe Health

Where: 372 S Greeno Rd
Fairhope, Alabama
Description: We have three social media campaigns that will be running campaigns specifically during National Drug and Alcohol Fact week, one with a focus on alcohol, one on opioids, and a third on e-cigarette prevention. Two are social media platforms and one is a geo-fenced banner campaign. Our coalition will also do daily posts that will be shared with our county board of education.
Number of Events: 4

Aletheia House Community Wellness

Where: 2100 16th Ave S Ste 301
Birmingham, Alabama
Description: Through media clips, performances, and a panel discussion, The New Norm Community Conversation Virtual event will explore the impact drug and alcohol use, particularly prescription drug misuse, is having on the Black community.
Number of Events: 3

Aletheia House Community Wellness

Where: 2100 16th Ave S Ste 301
Birmingham, Alabama
Description: The Community Wellness Meme Contest invites youth to create memes that provide facts about prevention or drug/alcohol use.
Number of Events: 3

Safe & Healthy Homewood Coalition

Where: 450 Dale Avenue
Homewood, Alabama
Description: We will hold an educational event with high school Peer Helpers to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to help their peers make good choices and avoid alcohol and other drugs. We will also teach how to recognize when a peer is in crisis and how to get appropriate help.
Number of Events: 1

Addiction Prevention Coalition

Where: 324 Commons Drive
Birmingham, Alabama
Description: Trivia night through zoom on general facts about drugs and alcohol.
Number of Events: 1

JBS Mental Health Authority Peer Services

Where: 161 East Park Circle David Marshall Skills Center
Birmingham, Alabama
Description: As a mental health organization a large number of the people we serve are dually diagnosed so our information table will provide detailed information not only for the people that we serve but also for employees and any other individuals. In addition, we have posters which provide information as well.
Number of Events: 5


AFC Youth Ministries

Where: 305 East 6th Ave
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Description: Substance Use & Mental Health.
Number of Events: 5


MCAS YUMA, Drug Demand Reduction Program

Where: Marine Corps Air Station
Yuma, Arizona
Description: Information table. Active duty military volunteers will engage the students during their lunch time. If the schools are closed or restricted for visitors, the event would be virtual.
Number of Events: 5


Where: 7658 S. Bosworth Field Way
Tucson, Arizona
Description: Each day of the week will be a different substance, social media post or video.
Number of Events: 7

Community Prevention Coalition, PPEP, Inc.

Where: 1200 East Ajo, #101
Tucson, Arizona
Description: We are a collaboration hosting multiple presentations over the course of the week, including Trauma and Mental Health, Marijuana Misuse and Vaping, Underage Drinking, Prescription Drug Misuse, and Resiliency. Organizations include Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Arizona Youth Partnership, Amistades, Inc., Tucson Unified School District, Pima Prevention Partnership, Pima County Juvenile Court Center, Amado Community Alliance, LPKNC, and other community organizations.
Number of Events: 6


Where: 7658 S. Bosworth Field way
Tucson, Arizona
Description: Educate our youth in our community through posts and videos from other youth and adults in the community.
Number of Events: 1

Coconino Anti-Tobacco Students

Where: 2625 N King Street
Flagstaff, Arizona
Description: Coconino Anti-Tobacco Student coalition members will create and share educational content on Facebook and Instagram.
Number of Events: 5

Arizona Youth Partnership

Where: 2701 E. Andy Devine Ave.
Kingman, Arizona
Description: Virtual townhall with guest speaker from Arizona Alcohol Control on underage drinking.
Number of Events: 1

Arizona Youth Partnership

Where: 1100 South Alvernon
Tucson, Arizona
Description: Drive Through RX Take Back to allow community members to turn in unused or expired medication for safe disposal.
Number of Events: 1


Where: 649 N. 6th avenue
Phoenix, Arizona
Description: We don't have a scheduled event, but I'm hoping we can schedule one with your organization.
Number of Events: 2

Arizona Youth Partnership

Where: 143 South Broad Street
Globe, Arizona
Description: We will be posting to Facebook and Instagram Monday - Sunday with Facts and or myths about different drugs and alcohol each day.
Monday - Alcohol
Tuesday - Opioid - Herion - RX
Wednesday - Vaping
Thursday - Marjana
Friday - Meth
Saturday - Fentanyl
Sunday - Posts from each day rotating

Number of Events: 42

Fred G. Acosta Job Corps

Where: 901 S. Campbell Ave
Tucson, Arizona
Description: Will be providing a daily information exchange on the various drugs (including alcohol) that impact young people and the different ways to deal with the stressors that have become normal during the pandemic. This will include information about stress reduction and alternatives to drug/alcohol use among our student population.
Number of Events: 1


Mt. Carmel High School

Where: 9550 Carmel Mountain Road Room D-18
San Diego, California
Description: At this point we are planning everything to be virtual. Fact sharing. Resources available.
Number of Events: 5

St.Matthrew Christian church

Where: 8273 Gypsy Star Way
Sacramento, California
Description: Community center
Number of Events: 2


Where: 18111 Nordhoff St
Northridge, California
Description: Social media campaign to address alcohol and drug use facts relevant to college populations.
Number of Events: 3

Day One

Where: 764 N Michigan Ave
Pasadena, California
Description: In order to raise awareness of NDAFW we plan on launching a social media campaign and host interactive sessions via Zoom.
Number of Events: 2

Marysville Youth and Civic Center

Where: 1830 B Street
Marysville , California
Description: Community public event to be held at the youth center with other agencies partnering.
Number of Events: 1


Where: 430 Teegarden Ave
Yuba City, California
Description: Discuss drug and alcohol prevention.
Number of Events: 1


Where: 10210 Orr and Day rd suite b
Santa Fe Springs, California
Description: Week-long event Promoting Substance Use Prevention Education and information from Law Enforcement and Scientific Experts, as well as a discussion with youth about drugs.
Number of Events: 5

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

Where: 1335 Broadway
San Diego, California
Description: Q & A with three speakers - class discussion.
Number of Events: 1

Horn of Africa Mental Health Association

Where: 5356 Monterey Hwy, Apt. 2
San Jose, California
Description: Mental health education.
Number of Events: 4

Mountain Athletic League

Where: 2795 La Posta Rd
Campo, California
Description: Raising families awareness of drug use in the communities of San Diego.
Number of Events: 3


Where: 18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, California
Description: Instagram posts detailing how substance use can effect mind/body, wellness, etc.
Number of Events: 3

Fullerton College S.O.B.E.R. Club

Where: 321 E. Chapman Ave
Fullerton, California
Description: We will post educational information via our Facebook Page and Instagram page, as well as discuss at our SOBER Club Meeting.
Number of Events: 3

Steele Canyon High School Friday Night Live

Where: 12440 Campo Road
Spring Valley , California
Description: Cougars Kick Ash is our Spring campaign against smoking and vaping. We usually have a lunch rally, DJ, activities, and educational presentation in home advisory.
Number of Events: 5

National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence East San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys

Where: 4626 N. Grand Avenue
Covina, California
Description: Ask the expert short - 1 minute videos focusing everyday on a different substance. Questions will be gathered through our agency IG page and then responses will be posted on IGTV and shared on our other members social media pages and platforms.
Number of Events: 5


Where: 4656 N Grand Ave.
Covina, California
Description: ASK THE EXPERTS is a collaboration of local Los Angeles County coalitions that specialize in reducing youth access and usage of marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs. For NDAFW, each day of the week, the audience will be able to Ask The Experts questions about the substance of the day, in order to shatter myths and provide education.
Number of Events: 5

Round Valley Indian Health Center

Where: 23000 Henderson Lane P O Box 247
Covelo, California
Description: Our prevention education programs will collaborate on educational activities to provide awareness for the week of March 22 to 28, 2021.
Number of Events: 7

Partnership for a Positive Pomona Coalition

Where: 656 N. Park Ave
Pomona, California
Description: Our coalition will be creating two social media activities. The first is a collection of testimonials from members of our community that will speak on the impact (direct or indirect) substances had on their lives. The second activity will be a Kahoot! game that is created by youth and adults from our coalition on facts about drugs and alcohol, dui driving and policies.
Number of Events: 2

RVIHC Path to Wellness

Where: 23000 Henderson Lane
Covelo, California
Description: At least two virtual presenters, contests, quizzes, possibly an art exhibition. We will be finalizing our schedule on March 10th.
Number of Events: 7

Ladera Ranch Middle School CLub Live

Where: 29551
Ladera Ranch, California
Description: Posters, sharing information in announcements, and on our website.
Number of Events: 1

La Vista High School Science Club

Where: 909 N State College Blvd
Fullerton, California
Description: This is a 100% virtual event using Google classroom for campaigns and Zoom for Games and contests to raise awareness on the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.
Number of Events: 3

South Bay Communities Creating Change or SBC3. c/o AADAP Inc.

Where: 13931 Crenshaw Blvd.
Gardena, California
Description: Workshop Series for youth and community on Vaping & Marijuana, Opioids and Drug Trafficking, and SUD and Mental Health.
Number of Events: 3

Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.

Where: 44443 10th St. West
Lancaster, California
Description: Our Twitter Chat will involve a list of questions about marijuana, opioids, drunk/drugged driving, mental health, tobacco & e-cigarettes, and other topics that are posted on Twitter for our audience to have a chance to respond by posting on their Twitter page or ours following the hashtag #AVTwitterChatNDAFW.

Number of Events: 1

Safe Rx Mendocino Opioid Safety Coalition

Where: 472 E. Valley St
Willits, California
Description: Social Media Storm the week of March 22.
Number of Events: 5

Natural High

Where: 7881-A Drury Lane
La Jolla, California
Description: Our free video series is on the social norming approach to teen substance use prevention and making healthy choices.
Number of Events: 1

Cabrillo School

Where: 601 CRESPI DR
PACIFICA, California
Description: Mental health support.
Number of Events: 2

Lakeport Police Department

Where: 2025 S Main St
Lakeport, California
Description: School Resource Officer will be talking with kids about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, prevention, and related products.
Number of Events: 4

Santa Barbara County Friday Night Live Youth Council

Where: 232 E Canon Perdido
Santa Barbara, California
Description: Social media posts, and stories will be created to showcase on Instagram accounts on our council countywide page. On the last day, we will be hosting an online game to quiz students watching the posts on the information they learned.
Number of Events: 16

Academy for Professional Excellence

Where: 6505 Alvarado Rd Suite #107
San Diego, California
Description: The Children, Youth and Families System of Care (CYFSOC) Training Academy and Responsive Integrated Health Solutions (RIHS) invite providers, community partners, and caregivers to experience the 2021 CYFSOC Conference: Youth Substance Use: Risk, Resilience, Reconnection.
In this full-day virtual conference, we will explore the latest trends in substance use and its effects on youth, families, and communities.
You will learn about:
Trauma-informed and developmentally and culturally responsive interventions to enhance engagement and assessment.
Useful tools and resources to more effectively assess for youth substance use and enhance youth and family engagement.
Substance use trends among youth.
Together, we will examine protective factors, which are instrumental in building resilience and healthy development.
Number of Events: 1


Colorado SADD

Where: 11455 Partridge Ln
Peyton, Colorado
Description: Campaigns "in" schools throughout CO. Peer/Student led: Video, posters, social media outreach, awareness, and education.
Number of Events: 5

Montessori School of Evergreen

Where: 6979 County Hwy 73
Evergreen, Colorado
Description: This is a week long Drug / Alcohol / Vaping unit for 8th graders. One class per day.
Number of Events: 5

Colorado SADD

Where: 11455 W Partridge Ln
Peyton, Colorado
Description: Colorado SADD will be sharing information with SADD Chapters, schools, and communities throughout the state. We will also be encouraging youth to plan their own events to raise awareness.
Number of Events: 7

Johnny's Ambassadors

Where: 9948 Cottoncreek Drive
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Description: Johnny's Ambassadors is offering a FREE fundraising event FOR TEENS (on a donation basis) to help them understand the harms of marijuana on brain development, mental health, and suicidal ideation. Parents and concerned adults are also welcomed to join. A suggested donation is $25.00, but we would be grateful for any amount to contribute to our efforts to educate youth about today's high-potency THC products.

“The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana: Empowering Youth in 2021”
Saturday, March 27, 2021
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM MDT
Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, CPAE

Teens will enjoy cartoons, superhero characters, bright colors, and hand-drawn whiteboard videos to engage in the learning. All participants will automatically receive a recording to watch at their own convenience if busy this day and time.


1. Who’s Johnny?
2. Cannabis, Marijuana, THC, and CBD: How Are They Related?
3. Fact Versus Fiction: Marijuana Myths
4. What Is Dabbing (No, Not the Dance)
5. Why Are Concentrates So Harmful?
6. What Are the Impacts of Using Marijuana on Teens?
7. How Does Your Brain Develop as You Age?
8. How Is Brain Development Impacted By THC?
9. Is Marijuana “Medicine”?
10. How Does the Marijuana Industry Trick Kids into Using?
11. What Does Psychosis Look Like?
12. Can Marijuana Make Kids Feel Suicidal?
13. You Are Your Brain’s BFF: Take Care of It
14. What Do I Do Now?
Number of Events: 1


Where: 13055 E 17th Ave Mail Stop F800
Aurora, Colorado
Description: Native WYSE (Women, Young, Strong, Empowered) CHOICES will be participating in NDAFW by creating a social media campaign to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Number of Events: 3


Darien Depot Student Against Destructive Decisions

Where: 25 Heights Rd
Darien, Connecticut
Description: We will show a variety of videos, and create some interactive activities for members of SADD and the greater Darien Community to better understand the mental health crisis among teens today.
Number of Events: 1

LIFTT Confidential

Where: 4020 Main Street
Stratford, Connecticut
Description: Currently no exact plans. However, always looking for info and inspiration.
Number of Events: 1

University of Connecticut

Where: 99 East Main Street
Waterbury, Connecticut
Description: Social media campaign with helpful information about drugs/alcohol. A planned virtual event which is still being developed to incorporate student learning, encourage dialogue and connection in a fun way. Last year we hosted the Drug Bingo. We may choose an alternative game this year.
Number of Events: 2

Wolcott Citizens Against Substance Abuse, Inc.

Where: 457 Boundline Rd.
Wolcott, Connecticut
Description: We will post informative and interactive social media posts daily, provide video presentations and trivia games thorugh Zoom and email.
Number of Events: 7


Where: 52 Shea ave
Milford , Connecticut
Description: Veteran event.
Number of Events: 3

Groton Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention

Where: 216 Broad St.
New London, Connecticut
Description: Social media campaign, education campaign with in school announcements and worksheet activities, essay contests, and youth led initiatives.
Number of Events: 3

Lyme/Old Lyme Prevention Coalition

Where: 59 Lyme Street Old Lyme, CT 06371
Old Lyme, Connecticut
Description: Facts in the MS/HS awareness for families - podcast event.
Number of Events: 3

Woodbury-Bethlehem ASAP

Where: PO Box 909
Woodbury, Connecticut
Description: Another WB-ASAP online prevention event.
Number of Events: 5

Partners in Community

Where: 48 E. Main St.
Clinton, Connecticut
Description: We will be posting on our social media accounts various drug facts.
Number of Events: 1

District of Columbia

Reasons To Hope Foundation

Where: PO Box 91906
Washington DC, District of Columbia
Description: Presentation of the correlated intersection of addiction, mental illness and trauma. How to recognize, assess, access professional help and began your recovery journey.
Number of Events: 2

Students Against Destructive Decisions, California

Where: 1440 G Street NW
Washington, District of Columbia
Description: Stay In Your Lane highway safety virtual get together. Bringing expertise on highway safety from two national organizations who specialize in working with teens.
Number of Events: 1

Consumer Healthcare Products Association

Where: 1625 Eye St. NW Suite 600
Washington, District of Columbia
Description: We will publish a blog post to with tips on how parents can encourage their teens to participate in the week, adding the logo, widget and/or a badge to the post. We will also layer NIDA/NDAFW content within the Stop Medicine Abuse social media editorial calendar across Twitter and Facebook.
Number of Events: 2

New York SADD

Where: 1440 G Street NW
Washington, District of Columbia
Description: Virtual events to promote youth avoiding substances.
Number of Events: 2


Cooperative Extension UD

Where: 113 Townsend Hall
Newark, Delaware
Description: Lunch and Learns for adults, parents youth workers.
Contests for youth with capstone showcase and dance.
Number of Events: 5


Crossing Bridges of the Palm Beaches

Where: 1100 North Main Street, Sute C
Belle Glade, Florida
Description: Educational session
Number of Events: 1

Olympia High School

Where: 4301 S Apopka vineland road
Orlando, Florida
Description: PSA's, posters, virtual campaigns, and activity at lunch.
Number of Events: 5

Project Bridge

Where: 6213 Presidential Court Suite 130
Fort Myers, Florida
Description: Will be providing sessions to educate youth.
Number of Events: 2

Guardian Recovery Network

Where: 3333 S Congress Ave. Suite 402
Delray Beach, Florida
Description: We plan to post Drug and Alcohol treatment statistics and facts throughout the week across our network of brands social media accounts.
Number of Events: 5

Florida Atlantic University

Where: 777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Florida
Description: I will present the findings of my study on the statewide analysis of the social determinants of opioid-related deaths in older adults.
Number of Events: 1

Manatee County Probation Division

Where: 1051 Manatee Ave. West 5th floor, Hensley Wing
Bradenton, Florida
Description: I would like to learn of additional resources to give our clients.
Number of Events: 1

ocps safe Apopka Middle

Where: 425 N Park Ave
Apopka, Florida
Description: Literature.
Number of Events: 1

Hope for Miami- Compass

Where: 550 nw 42nd avenue
Miami, Florida
Description: A Social Media campaign on Opioids to bring awareness on Rx drug safety.
Number of Events: 3

Baycare Behavoral Health (CHAT)

Where: 14527 7TH STREET
DADE CITY, Florida
Description: AWARENESS...........MYTHS & FACTS about drugs.
Number of Events: 15

Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.

Where: 5999 Central Ave Suite 301
St. Petersburg, Florida
Description: Throughout NDAFW, we will conduct a social media campaign to help shatter the myths about various drugs and educate about youth development on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube).
Number of Events: 8


Where: 14800 sw 168 st
Miami, Florida
Description: Information dissemination creates awareness...
Number of Events: 4

Alachua County Health Promotion and Wellness Coalition

Where: 3615 SW 13th Street
Gainesville, Florida
Description: To raise awareness, we will be hosting a raffle event with middle/high school students in our county. To enter, they will complete both the NIDA IQ Challenge and our youth substance use survey and email their screenshots. We will also post every day on social media promoting the raffle activity as well as general information about substances (one substance per day such as alcohol) and breaking down myths. We will focus on providing information on common questions/concerns for youth.
Number of Events: 5

Drug Free Manatee

Where: 1112 Manatee Ave. W ste 300
Bradenton, Florida
Description: DFM will host a virtual NDFAW event for high school students in Manatee County where students will have a mental health/mindfulness activity, KAHOOT games (provided by NIDA), as well as a TikTok drug and alcohol quick facts challenge.
Number of Events: 1

Community Rehabilitation Center

Where: 5206 N.Pearl Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Description: Jeopardy-like Trivia Game with personal stories.
Number of Events: 1

The Educational Coalition for Monroe County

Where: 350 Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon, Florida
Description: Each day will have an activity contest or challenge Teachers, staff and Prevention club participants will wear Dispelling the Myth shirts and awarding prizes.
Number of Events: 5

FFU, Inc./Orange County Drug Free Coalition

Where: P.O. Box 680642
Orlando, Florida
Description: We will provide drug prevention materials to local recreation centers, community parks, and businesses in the Orange County area for teens and adults.
Number of Events: 10

Florida Department of Corrections

Where: 1111 12TH Street 402
Key west , Florida
Description: Community corrections educational services
Number of Events: 1

Olympia HS

Where: 4301 South Apopka Vineland Road
Orlando, Florida
Description: PSA, posters, drug survey in classes.
Number of Events: 2


Where: 2815 East Henry Avenue Suite #B1
Tampa, Florida
Description: Youth training and contest.
Number of Events: 1

New College of Florida, Counseling & Wellness Center

Where: NCF Counseling & Wellness Center 5800 Bay Shore Rd
Saras, Florida
Description: Info table in college cafeteria - will be asking the NDAFW questions of students and students will enter to win a prize!
Number of Events: 1

New College of Florida, Counseling & Wellness Center

Where: NCF Counseling & Wellness Center 5800 Bay Shore Rd
Sarasota, Florida
Description: Info Table in cafeteria 3/25/21 Utilizing NDFW Quiz Questions. Email to campus encouraging them to take the 2021 National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge online quiz.
Number of Events: 2


Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services

Where: 102 Berryhill Circle
LaGrange, Georgia
Description: I am not quite sure but it will be an event or activity around ATOD but due to pandemic I am undecided for now. However, we will be working on possibly doing a virtual event just in case because this is something we have been doing since March!
Number of Events: 5

Boys & Girls Club of North GA

Where: 1559 South Main Street
Ellijay, Georgia
Description: I will be hosting a assemble with our afterschool children. Giving information for them to take home and share with their families.
Number of Events: 1


Where: 6298 Oakwood Circle
Norcross, Georgia
Description: Education
Number of Events: 5


Where: 750 South Perry St.
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Description: GUIDE will host a two-week online trivia contest. The trivia questions will include the topics of underage drinking, opioids, tobacco/vaping, and suicide prevention.
Number of Events: 1

Kennesaw State University Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery

Where: 1085 Canton Place NW Suite 6000, MD 6002
Kennesaw, Georgia
Description: The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery at Kennesaw State University will be setting up information tables at both of our campuses Monday - Thursday during NDAFW that will include trivia games, giveaways, and resource information to students.
Number of Events: 4


Where: 1558 Marietta Hwy Suite 220, Canton, GA 30114
Canton, Georgia
Description: Trivia game night including a drug facts trivia game.
Number of Events: 1


Where: 210 ELM ST
CUMMING, Georgia
Description: IQ Challenge on social media platforms.
Number of Events: 13


Where: 205 Lafayette Ave, Ste D7
Fayetteville, Georgia
Description: The social media campaign will provide the community with facts about ATOD use/misuse.
Number of Events: 1

Mitchell County Children and Youth

Where: PO Box 693
Camilla, Georgia
Description: Our youth leadership organization (MCYAC) will make daily social media postings and participate in a NDAFW Bingo Game night.
Number of Events: 2


Where: 119 Millwood Dr.
Commerce, Georgia
Description: Safety topic used in all team meetings this week to further educate our teams.
Number of Events: 12

Henry County Schools

NEWNAN, Georgia
Description: Providing resources to parents, teachers, counselors and other social workers and students on drug prevention activities.
Number of Events: 6

Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council

Where: 240 Elm St
Cumming, Georgia
Description: Taking your "2021 National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge" and making each question a social media post with a link to the YouTube answer video.
Number of Events: 13


Coalition for a Drug-Free Dededo (Thrive Coalition)

Where: 222 Chalan Santo Papa Suite 204 Reflection Center
Hagatna, Guam
Description: A week-long social media campaign will be hosted by the Thrive Coalition by providing a 5 social media content which will be posted on its Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Number of Events: 1


City and County of Honolulu

Where: 1505 Dillingham Blvd, Suite 20
Honolulu, Hawaii
Description: Social Media campaign
Number of Events: 1


Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute - Project STOMP

Where: 2625 N. Loop Drive Suite 2400
Ames, Iowa
Description: Create and share a series of social media graphics for project partners to share in their communities.
Number of Events: 5

PROSPER Fort Dodge

Where: 217 South 25th Street
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Description: Social media campaign; shared with providers and schools.
Number of Events: 1

Fort Dodge PROSPER Team

Where: 217 South 25th Street
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Description: Social media campaign with providers.
Number of Events: 3


Community Coalitions of Idaho

Where: 3313 W Cherry LN # 647
Meridian, Idaho
Description: Since we are the statewide substance abuse prevention entity in Idaho, we want to run some sort of social media campaign using the NDAFW materials and post each day.
Number of Events: 5



Where: 2330 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, Illinois
Description: Substance use.
Number of Events: 5

College of Lake County

Where: 19351 W Washington St
Grayslake , Illinois
Description: A series of educational webinars and presentations to be shared with both College of Lake County students and neighboring high schools throughout Lake County.
Number of Events: 5

Workgroup for Positive Youth Development

Where: 105 S. Oak Park Ave
Oak Park , Illinois
Description: We will be doing a social media campaign with a post every day about different facts of different drugs. These will be shared throughout our community, through our coalition community partners. One post a day for the week to include drug facts/educational information and ways to participate in the community.
Number of Events: 7

University of Illinois Counseling Center

Where: 610 E John St
Champaign, Illinois
Description: Our paraprofessional team is creating a five-day-long social media campaign covering different topics involving alcohol and other drugs that will be targeted to college students. Topics that will be discussed include the effects of mixing alcohol with different drugs, safe alcohol consumption, how COVID-19 has impacted drinking consumption, how to approach a friend who you believe has a substance use problem, and substance use patterns among Hispanic/Latinx college students. National statistics as well as local and community resources will be implemented in the social media campaign.
Number of Events: 5



Where: 1 Wildcat Lane
Brookville, Indiana
Description: We will provide daily trivia questions to students for chances to win gift cards. We also may do classroom competitions.
Number of Events: 5

Jasper Middle School

Where: 3600 Portersville Road
Jasper, Indiana
Description: We hold an assembly, do PSA's on the radio, host games and trivia, do a dress-up spirit week, and have informational messages read during announcements.
Number of Events: 5

New Beginnings Recovery Center

Where: 105 W Second St. Suite 203
Seymour, Indiana
Description: We plan on holding a small rally with individuals in recovery hosting the event along with our clinical team to answer any questions. In addition, a social media blast lasting the entire week. We will discuss having our team visit local middle & high schools to promote education and awareness.
Number of Events: 4

PATH, Inc.

Where: 5997 Carlson Ave.
Portage, Indiana
Description: Along with a media campaign, PATH will be hosting a lunch-n-learn style webinar "Lunch Tables." Our presenter for the webinar is Todd Willis, Director of Prevention Education for Porter-Starke.
Number of Events: 11

PATH, Inc.

Where: 5997 CARLSON AVE.
PORTAGE, Indiana
Description: We are hosting a free webinar; Alochol, Drugs and Coping Skills. The audience will be parents and youth service providers. We will be discussing the use of alcohol and drugs as coping mechanisms for youth and how we can provide them with healthy options for coping with stresses. The webinar will be hosted virtually and will be supported prior and post with social media posts and e-mails.
Number of Events: 10

Jay County Drug Prevention Coalition

Where: 100 W Main
Portland, Indiana
Description: We are hosting a contest in the schools for the youth to create a social media campaign by using the I want to SHATTER THE MYTHS because...and we are going to take all the photos we receive back and post them on our social media. The picture with the most likes will be published in the newspaper, documents we provide, and possibly even put on a billboard.
Number of Events: 1

EMPOWER Scott County

Where: 1092 West Community Waty
Scottsburg, Indiana
Description: Our EMPOWER Social Media Youth Leaders will be creating a social media campaign on our Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts.
Number of Events: 1

Franklin County High School YouthQuake

Where: 1 Wildcat Lane
Brookville, Indiana
Description: We will be doing daily trivia questions with chances to win gift cards.
Number of Events: 5

Dubois County CARES

Where: 607 3rd Street
Jasper, Indiana
Description: We will be posting drug facts and trivia every day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for NDAFW.
Number of Events: 1


KS Prevention Collaborative

Where: 238 N Mead
Wichita, Kansas
Description: The Kansas Prevention Collaborative will host a social media campaign during the NDAFW week that will include posts with trivia, facts and helpful information. Coalitions and organizations across Kansas will be invited to develop their own campaigns and/or share the KPC's posts. The KPC campaign can be followed on Facebook at
Number of Events: 14

Douglas County Youth Prevention Board/DCCCA

Where: 3312 Clinton Parkway
Lawrence, Kansas
Description: The Douglas County Youth Prevention Board is going to facilitate a youth-led presentation for parents on county data related to substance use and mental health.
Number of Events: 1

Sumner County Community Drug Action Team

Where: 1700 E 16th St
Wellington, Kansas
Description: Our event will take place mostly via social media, Zoom, and using printed materials over the course of the week. Due to COVID19, no in-person events will take place this year.
Number of Events: 10

Rise Up Reno

Where: 1520 N PLUM ST
Description: Social media campaign to highlight facts about drug and alcohol use.
Number of Events: 3


Where: 1221 Thurston Street
Manhattan, Kansas
Description: We assist with the project graduation and any high school activities.
Number of Events: 8


Whitley County Health Department

Where: 368 Penny Lane
Williamsburg, Kentucky
Description: Tentatively scheduled on March 23rd in Corbin Kentucky and March 25th in Williamsburg Kentucky. Story cards on a book that teaches refusal skills to elementary kids, saying no to drugs and a facts about shatter the myths on Drugs on a 1 mile route and at the end of the route the participant will get a goody bag. This will be available in two cities of Kentucky.
Number of Events: 2


Fort Knox, Kentucky
Description: For the whole week we want to give facts about alcohol and drugs designated via social media and to our middle/high school population.
Number of Events: 2


Louisiana School for Agricultural Sciences

Where: 5303 Hwy. 115
Bunkie, Louisiana
Description: Announcements on intercom, posters, banners, and booths set up by students,
Number of Events: 4

Hornbeck High School

Where: 2363 Stillwell Ave.
Hornbeck, Louisiana
Description: Raise awareness of E-Cigs, tobacco, opioids, alcohol and how these substances can be addictive and harmful.
Number of Events: 5

Central High School

Where: 244 Larto Bayou Road
Jonesville, Louisiana
Description: Make posters with information about tobacco products.
Number of Events: 3

Broadmoor High Student Alliance Council (BHS-SAC)

Where: 10100 Goodwood Blvd.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Description: The BHS-SAC will pre-recording announcements about NIDA Drug and Alcohol Fact Week. Each morning announcements will information about Marijuana. On Friday, March 26, 2021 during the lunch shifts, we will have a tent set up to create a walk through display of facts and statistics about using marijuana. Along with a game to test our peers knowledge about Marijuana.
Number of Events: 1

Northeast Delta Human Services Authority

Where: 2513 Ferrand Street
Monroe, Louisiana
Description: National Prescription Take-Back Event with Informational Booths and Prevention Themed Activities for the Public.
Number of Events: 1

Northeast Delta Human Services Authority

Where: 2400 Ferrand Street Suite A
Monroe, Louisiana
Description: Will provide safe medication storage and disposal education and options, SBIRT screenings and referrals, treatment options, onsite Narcan education, and distribution.
Number of Events: 1

Gardere Initiative

Where: 8435 Ned Avenue
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Description: Using our social media platforms to disseminate information.
Number of Events: 5

Louisiana Department of Health - Office of Public Health

Where: 628 N. 4th St. Bienville Building - 5th floor
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Description: "The Truth About Opioids" - Title. High schools students will present the facts about opioids and discuss ways to avoid misusing medications. Positive and healthy methods to cope with life challenges will be shared. Using their creativity, students will make posters for display.
Number of Events: 1

Imperial Calcasieu-HSA-Beauregard Prevention Coalition

Where: 106 West Port Street
Deridder, Louisiana
Description: Billboard on drunk/drugged driving, informational table at different locations throughout the community on different days, social media posting throughout the week, and 5 K Run/Walk.
Number of Events: 5

Uprising addiction center

Where: 7020 Klug Pines Rd
Shreveport , Louisiana
Description: Live video.
Number of Events: 1


Tinuola L Olorunwunmi

Where: 171 Colonel Bell Dr
Brockton, Massachusetts
Description: Seminar, Classroom Type, Q&A, Video Presentation
Number of Events: 3

The Brien Center

Where: 251 Fenn St
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Description: We work in schools with students, we will put on a presentation with games and interactive information
Number of Events: 3

Richardson Middle School

Where: 1500 Lakeview Ave
Dracut, Massachusetts
Description: This event will be incorporated into my grade 7 health class
Number of Events: 4

Shriver Job Corps Center

Where: 270 Jackson Road
Devens, Massachusetts
Description: The plan is to have an event everyday of NDAFW to encourage substance-free activities.
Number of Events: 5


Wicomico County Health Department

Where: 108 East Main Street
Salisbury, Maryland
Description: Offer virtual activities with prizes.
Number of Events: 1

Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse

Where: P.O. Box 2104 30 Duke Street, Suite 104
Prince Frederick , Maryland
Description: My organization will develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes local alcohol and drug use data; the connection between mental health and substance misuse and promote local resources for those needing assistance.
Number of Events: 4

Berlin Prevention Works Coalition for Alcohol & Drug-Free Communities

Where: 404 Flower Street
Berlin, Maryland
Description: Our organization will host a virtual National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge event; create a content strategy for our #DrugFacts social media campaign in support of NDAFW, and disseminate information and resources around youth substance misuse and prevention.
Number of Events: 2

Stephen Decatur Middle School

Where: 9815 Seahawk Road
Berlin , Maryland
Description: Students will participate in daily health lessons that will incorporate detailed information on the facts about drugs and alcohol. Students will create PSA, trivia KAHOOTS for peers and have a small general assembly for the Student Government Association.
Number of Events: 3


Wellness Mobile

Where: 9 atwood street suite3
Lewiston, Maine
Description: Table and speaking with resource bags. 2020-17,000 bags were distributed.

Number of Events: 4

Boys & Girls Clubs of Kennebec Valley

Where: 14 Pray Street
Gardiner, Maine
Description: A person with a past substance use disorder and Club member will be coming in to talk to the students about addiction and being in recovery.
Number of Events: 2


Delta County Communities That Care

Where: 2920 College Avenue
Escanaba, Michigan
Description: We will provide information virtually each day of NDAFW
Number of Events: 7

Chippewa County Communities that Care

Where: 508 Ashmun Street Suite 120 Suite 120
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Description: Scavenger Hunt with resource links and community resources.
Number of Events: 5

Dickinson Iron County Communities That Care

Where: 301 Kent St Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain, Michigan
Description: Virtual zoom Q/A law enforcement peer recovery coaches addiction consulting. Parent program provided by Michigan State Police (in plain sight) - teaches parents where kids could be hiding drugs and alcohol.
Number of Events: 1

Chippewa County Communities That Care

Where: 508 Ashmun Street Suite 120
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Description: Question and answer for students at local schools to participate in. If schools are open, they will be read at morning announcements and answers collected at the health to go into a drawing for gift certificates and prizes at the end of the week. If distant learning, there will be an email sent out for the school to post and submit answers to a google form.
Number of Events: 5

Student Leadership Services

Where: 1150 Scott Lake Rd.
Waterford, Michigan
Description: Programs planned the whole month in preparation for a safe spring break, Parenting Awareness Month and as part of our #SLSTOGETHERWECAN leadership series. Students from multiple schools are planning projects in their school and community on Vaping, Marijuana and Alcohol and how those drugs impact a person’s mental health and relationships. Student projects will vary from videos, posters, school assemblies, etc. Both middle school and high schools students will be learning assertiveness skills and how to say “no” to ATOD. Parents will also learn and practice these skills with their students in parent workshops. All of which will be offered virtual and in-person.
Number of Events: 6

Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan

Where: 222 Colonial Drive
Monroe , Michigan
Description: Virtual initiative.
Number of Events: 10

Mackinac CTC

Where: 799 Hombach St. Suite 2
St Ignace, Michigan
Description: We will be working with school art classes to design social norm campaign posters. Winners will be announced at the end of the week. Community members will be able to vote on what was posted on social media.
Number of Events: 1

Schoolcraft County Communites That Care Collaborative

Where: 6305W Hillcrest Drive
Manistique, Michigan
Description: We will be working with our local high school to share drug facts over the announcements for the week. We will share a drug fact question each day and ask students to submit answer. Each day we will have a winner for the correct answer. We will also run something similar at our local grocery store with adults. We will be asking them to answer 3 questions at the checkout line and place their answers in a box. At the end of the week we will draw a winner.
Number of Events: 2

Genesee County Prevention Coalition

Where: 2515 Windemere Avenue Apt/Suite
Flint, Michigan
Description: Public health figure youth interaction 3 days +of virtual youth interaction of the Youth Advisory board participating in educational activities, possible podcast discussion, expression of stress & coping (Via photo narration or silent Tik Tok).
Number of Events: 4

Dickinson Iron Communities That Care

Where: 301 Kent St Upper Unit Upper Unit
Iron Mountain, Michigan
Description: Virtual in plan site community forms with Q/A with Law Enforcement, Judge, mental health professional, peer recovery and Recovery. We will be dropping off information to schools.
Number of Events: 2

Northern Michigan Regional Entity

Where: 1999 Walden Dr.
Gaylord, Michigan
Description: There will be a different topic each day of the week, all Prevention staff in 21 counties will be posting the same messages on Social Media.
Number of Events: 5

Houghton/Keweenaw Communities That Care

Where: Portage Plaza 47431 M-26 Unit 5B
Houghton, Michigan
Description: A virtual trivia contest over our social media platforms and website, winners will be chosen based on most participation and most answers correct.
Number of Events: 7

Boys and Girls Clubs of the Great Lakes Bay Region, Pinconning Unit

Where: 201 North Street 2017 North Street
Pinconning, Michigan
Description: We will hold a set of Kahoot challenges that identify and educate our young people on: identifying drugs and alcohol. drug and alcohol effects on the brain and body of a young person as well as in-house scavenger hunt that matches photos of drugs to their common street name. We will end our event with some common and useful techniques to say no and empower your peers to say no in an effective and straight forward manner.
Number of Events: 3

Marquette County Cares Coalition (MC2)

Where: US HWY 41 East
Negaunee, Michigan
Description: My coalition will be partnering with youth and our local radio station to produce radio PSAs that will be made especially for drug and alcohol facts week. The youth will be reading the PSA message and the focus will be general drug and alcohol facts. As well as the fact that not as many teens use illicit substances as other students may think. The radio PSAs will be played several times a day all week long and will be posted on our social media pages.
Number of Events: 1

Forsythe Middle School

Where: 1655 Newport Rd.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Description: Morning Announcements, creating resources for mental health within our virtual schoology.
Number of Events: 2

Wallace Care Human Services, LLC

Where: Virtual
Detroit, Michigan
Description: Our program is modeled after the Nurturing Program for Families in Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery an evidence-based program aimed at re-parenting parents who are actively engaged in substance use treatment and recovery. Please note, Parents Making Choices is NOT a substance use treatment program.
Parents and families who participate in Parents Making Choices will find that our program is both the beginning of restoring what has been lost in the parent-child relationship and a time for parents to re-establish connections with their children and families, so that they may strive to heal together.
Our program recognizes the need to provide resources necessary to enhance the relationships between parents, children, and family members going through challenging times within the parent-child relationship. Parents Making Choices will provide parents with information and skills with the objective of increasing their parenting knowledge by providing parents with tools needed to assist them with developing and practicing new parenting skills. Parents who participant in Parents Making Choices walk away motivated and empowered. Parents Making Choices consists of 12-topic areas; each is delivered in a cohort group setting with virtual and face-to-face options. Each cohort consists of 5 – 15 participants. Each session is formatted in 90-minute interactive presentations. There is an online registration process, which includes the completion of a questionnaire to collect demographics as well as the participants basic knowledge of the parent-child relationship.

Number of Events: 18

Forensic Fluids Laboratories

Where: 225 Parsons St Ste 100
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Description: We will have a Certifying Scientist discussing the issue of prescribed opioids leading to illicit use in teens and young adults.
Number of Events: 6

Southwest Detroit Community Justice center

Where: 20226 Lawndale st
Detroit, Michigan
Description: Provide statistical information and links to resources as well as promote vetted resources.
Number of Events: 1

LAHC-Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities

Where: 5275 Kenilworth
dearborn, Michigan
Description: Trivia games on our social media pages. A different topic(alcohol, prescription drugs, vaping, marijuana..etc) will be highlighted everyday with facts, stats and resources. A trivia game will be hosted everyday and a winner will be announced at the end of the week. Amazon gift card.
Number of Events: 5


Where: 17177 N Laurel Park Dr. Ste 131
Livonia, Michigan
Description: Will be placing information in our waiting room for patients and information on our Facebook page and website.
Number of Events: 1


Where: 413 maple
Munising , Michigan
Description: Facebook campaign targeted at curbing drug and alcohol abuse with a specific focus on parents hosting graduation parties where alcohol is provided to minors. A podcast will then occur closer to graduation discussing the risks of adult supported under-age drinking. Awareness literature will also be distributed to local agencies for public viewing.
Number of Events: 1

Empowerment Zone Coalition

Where: 5555 Conner St, Suite 2090
Detroit, Michigan
Description: Our event will be a local version of Teen Chat Day with experts in the medical, mental health, and law enforcement fields answering questions virtually from teens about drugs, alcohol, and mental health.
Number of Events: 1

Hegira Health Inc

Where: 8623 N. Wayne Rd
WESTLAND, Michigan
Description: Plan to utilize the tools provided in the email and share the content on @thepreventiongram on Instagram and YouTube.
Number of Events: 3


CARE St. Peter

Where: 2000 Klein Street
St. Peter, Minnesota
Description: group activities, solo activities,
Number of Events: 15

Steele County Safe and Drug Free Coalition

Where: 1850 Austin Road Ste 102
Owatonna, Minnesota
Description: Social Media Video Campaign utilizing Mind Matters video series from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Number of Events: 1

Steele County Safe and Drug Free Coalition

Where: 1850 Austin Road Ste 102
Owatonna, Minnesota
Description: Social Media Campaign educating parents (and the community) on prevention, the signs of use, how to talk to teens, and where to get help.
Number of Events: 30

Asian Media Access

Where: 2418 Plymouth Ave N
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Description: The event is to recognize that the tobacco industry continues to use flavors, advertising, Internet sales, and other tactics to keep the youth addicted to harmful nicotine. Many of our young people may have the misconception that “vaping is safe,” and how we must work together to empower teens to know the truth to make smart decisions.
Number of Events: 4


Southeast Prevention Resource Center

Where: One University Plaza, MS 7650
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Description: Person picks 1 coloring sheet out of 3 options and emails them into our office by 3/16. Then on 3/22, the entries will be posted on Facebook for the public to vote until 3/28. Then winner will be announced.
Number of Events: 1

Newton County Community Coalition

Where: 601 Laclede Ave
Neosho, Missouri
Description: Social media contest showing how members exercise prevention to win prizes.
Number of Events: 1



Where: 829 Wilson Drive Suite C
RIDGELAND, Mississippi
Description: We will be hosting a week-long campaign the week of March 22-26 to increase awareness about substance use and misuse.
Number of Events: 5

Laurel Police Station

Where: 1013 N 7TH AVE, LAUREL, MS 39440
Laurel, Mississippi
Description: Setting up a table for information on mental health.
Number of Events: 2


Be the Change 406 Coalition

Where: PO Box 733
Dillon, Montana
Description: Red Carpet Video Event.
Number of Events: 1

The Dry Society

Where: 1201 W. Holly St., Suite #1
Sidney, Montana
Description: The Dry Society is partnering with the Tobacco Prevention Specialist in Richland County to host an event to educate middle and high school kids about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs in a fun way that kids can help plan.
Number of Events: 1

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County

Where: 3203 3rd Ave N Suite 308
Billings, Montana
Description: Will be highlighting NDAFW through our social media.
Number of Events: 7


Where: 34169 US Hwy 2 PO Box 1446
Libby, Montana
Description: I am sending daily emails to schools to share. My coalition is putting information on facebook.
Number of Events: 5

Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center

Where: 119 South Kendrick Ave
Glendive, Montana
Description: We have already hosted an informational table at a basketball tournament that hosted over 60 youth teams with an interactive game of Kahoot! using pre-made NDAFW quizzes with each participant getting a "Drug-Free Montana Shirt." As well as passing out informational material to attendees. We will also be distributing packets filled with Drug and Alcohol education material, teaching books, and resources many of which are coming from NIDA. These packets will be given to every teacher, youth counselor, youth advisor (like church youth group directors, Girl/Boy scouts, etc...), doctor's offices, head start buildings and any other places we can think of. Each packet will have information tailored to that individual based on the age group they work with and the involvement they have with parents. Each recipient will then be able to share the information that they want with guidance from the Prevention Specialists in the county to the youth they work with. We will also be hosting an educational campaign on our region-wide Facebook page covering all of Eastern Montana. This campaign started this week with St. Patrick's Day and will continue through NDAFW to the end of April's alcohol awareness month. The campaign includes will be created by Prevention Specialists throughout the area covering educational PSA's, Infographics, photos, and links to various informational websites. We will also be sharing the Kahoot! NDAFW quizzes on our social media and boosting each post so that it has as much interaction as possible.
Number of Events: 4

North Carolina

A G Cox Middle School

Where: 2657 Church Street
Winterville, North Carolina
Description: zoom - drug prevention
Number of Events: 2

City of Greensboro Parks and Recreation Youth Services Division

Where: 501 Yanceyville Street
Greensboro, North Carolina
Description: Partnering with community groups to get information to teens through a variety of media
Number of Events: 1

iRT Inc

Where: 5316 Highgate Dr #121
Durham, North Carolina
Description: Our program directors and researchers will hold a webinar discussing the 10 biggest myths about alcohol consumption as it's seen in the media. We'll review tips on how to best understand and resist alcohol (and tobacco) advertising messages through media literacy skills.
Number of Events: 1

Appalachian Youth to Youth (a program of Partners Aligned Toward Health)

Where: 202 Medical Campus Drive
Burnsville, North Carolina
Description: 1. Mitchell High: Drug facts read during announcements each day; Shatter the Myths poster contest
2. East Yancey Middle: Drug facts read during announcements each day; Shatter the Myths poster contest; Online pledge
3. Mountain Heritage High: Drug Fact announcements read each day during the week.
Number of Events: 3

UNC Substance Use Prevention, Education, and Research (SUPER)

Where: 325 Pittsboro St Campus Box 3550
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Description: UNC SUPER will host a substance use prevention social media campaign during the week of March 22-29.
Number of Events: 20

Community Impact NC

Where: 405 Nash St W Suite 210
Wilson, North Carolina
Description: This social media campaign will focus on educating the audience about these topics and inviting to learn more from our landing page, which will take them to links to resources.
Number of Events: 7

The Partnership for Substance Free Youth in Buncombe County

Where: 86 Coxe Ave, 1C
Asheville , North Carolina
Description: Talk it Out: Meet Them Where They Are, Not Where You Want Them to Be: Harm Reduction 101, Weeding out the Myths about Marijuana, Alcohol Then, Alcohol Now: The Impacts of Underage Drinking and How to Prevent It
Number of Events: 3

iRT Inc

Where: 5316 Highgate Drive Suite 125
Durham, North Carolina
Description: There are still many myths about underage drinking that can complicate and hinder our efforts to prevent or delay the onset of alcohol use among our nation's youth. This webinar addresses 10 myths that our researchers have encountered in our prevention work with children, teens, parents, and community members.
Our senior scientist, Dr. Janis Kupersmidt, will present research findings and logical arguments to counter these myths to empower you in your efforts to address this continuing public health problem. We will also share information about some of the evidence-based programs that iRT has developed to prevent underage drinking.
Join us to learn how to effectively dismantle these dangerous misconceptions on alcohol use! RSVP:

Number of Events: 1

Bear Grass Charter School

Where: 6344 East Bear Grass Road None
Williamston, North Carolina
Description: We are hosting a drive-through community resource fair on April 13, 2021. We will be showcasing our school events/programs. This is a commUNITY event to include local sheriff Dept, health department and support services.
Number of Events: 1

North Dakota

Cavalier County Health District

Where: 901 3rd St
Langdon, North Dakota
Description: TBD
Number of Events: 1

New England Public School

Where: 1200 Main Street PO box 307
New England, North Dakota
Description: National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week assembly.
Number of Events: 10

Adult & Teen Challenge North Dakota

Where: 1406 2nd Street NW
Mandan, North Dakota
Description: We are petitioning the Governor for a proclamation and will be doing a Facebook campaign In March as well as using that proclamation this summer at the state fair where we will have a booth giving out facts regarding drugs and resources for those with substance use disorder.
Number of Events: 3


Nebraska Dept. of Education

Where: 500 S. 84th St., 2nd floor
Lincoln, Nebraska
Description: Social Media Campaign.
Number of Events: 1

New Hampshire

Shaker Regional School District

Where: 255 Seavey Road
Belmont, New Hampshire
Description: A virtual, voluntary event for students with posters in the building, and information given over announcements.
Number of Events: 1

Kearsarge Regional High School

Where: 457 North Rd
N. Sutton, New Hampshire
Description: Each day a new, informational slide will be added to our school-wide announcements.
Number of Events: 5

New Jersey

Linden Board of Education

Where: 300 Edgewood Road
Linden, New Jersey
Description: I will be engaging two middle schools (6-8 grade) in activities such as kahoot games, bingo, sharing daily facts, etc
Number of Events: 10


Where: 17 Addison Avenue
Rutherford , New Jersey
Description: Na
Number of Events: 1

Howell Alliance

Where: 4567 Route 9 North Township of Howell, 2nd Floor
Howell, New Jersey
Description: Social media campaign with prevention education
Number of Events: 7

Howell High School

Description: Sharing facts re: substance use; going into Health classes.
Number of Events: 2

Prevention Resources, Inc.

Where: 4 Walter Foran Blvd. Suite 410
Flemington, New Jersey
Description: Social media campaign to educate about safe storage and disposal.
Number of Events: 1

Sterling High School

Where: Sterling High School 501 S. Warwick Road
Somerdale, New Jersey
Description: Health Class & SADD Club discussion- in the past we played bingo game as warm-up, Then live Q&A.
Number of Events: 3


Where: 647 Beacon Ave
Paulsboro, New Jersey
Description: Give the youth and their parents a general idea about addiction facts and how to prevent substance use... risk and protective factors ... science behind addiction... teen brain development.... etc.
Number of Events: 10

High Point Regional High School

Where: 299 Pidgeon Hill Road
Sussex , New Jersey
Description: We will hold a contest for students to take the National Drug and Alcohol IQ Challenge.
Number of Events: 1

Linden Public Schools

Where: 300 Edgewood Rd
Linden, New Jersey
Description: Daily facts, Art Contests, PSA's, Online Quizzes and games, Chat Day, etc.
Number of Events: 7


Where: 2500 Kennedy Boulevard
Union City , New Jersey
Description: I am planning to have a guest speaker talk about the dangers of drugs/alcohol and the impact on mental health.
Number of Events: 1

Pequannock Township Coalition

Where: 25 W Main St
Rockaway, New Jersey
Description: We will be showing Hidden in Plain Sight for parents. We will be hosting a contest for youth to submit ways they are shattering the myths of drugs and alcohol, and posting a fact about drugs or alcohol each day of the week.
Number of Events: 3

Prevention Coalition of Mercer County

Where: 1931 Brunswick Ave Arulmohan building
Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Description: Facts will be placed in weekly newsletter and shared on student council and student groups social media.
Number of Events: 8

McManus Middle School

Where: 300 Edgewood Rd
Linden, New Jersey
Description: Daily facts, student presented PSA's, student art projects, Quizzes and Games, and general information sessions.
Number of Events: 7

Soehl Middle School

Where: 300 E Henry St.
Linden, New Jersey
Description: Daily facts, student presented PSA's, student art projects, Quizzes and Games, and general information sessions.
Number of Events: 7

Prevention Resources, Inc.

Where: 4 Walter Foran Blvd. Suite 410
Flemington, New Jersey
Description: We will host a trivia game Monday (3/22/2021) - Friday (3/26/2021) for youth in grades 6th-12th each day at 1pm via Zoom. Each day will feature learning about a new substance, playing a game, and winning prizes! All are welcome!
Number of Events: 5

Kearny Prevention Coalition

Where: 51 Beech Street
Kearny , New Jersey
Description: Virtual event.
Number of Events: 5

Pemberton Township Alliance Group

Where: 500 Pemberton Browns Mills Road
Pemberton, New Jersey
Description: We will be taking over our Social Media for that week. Posting information, videos and more.
Number of Events: 5

Prevention Coalition of Mercer County

Where: Lawrence High School- Change in Action Group 2525 Princeton Pike
Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Description: We are building kahoots and will go from health class to health class, as well as have public announcements with drug and alcohol facts.
Number of Events: 8

Union City High School

Where: 2500 Kennedy Boulevard
Union City , New Jersey
Description: I will invite students to read about substance use, also play bingo, and create a card.
Number of Events: 2

Immaculate Heart Academy

Where: 500 Van Emburgh Avenue
Washing Township, New Jersey
Description: 9th-grade health unit.
Number of Events: 15

The Southwest Council

Where: 1405 North Delsea Drive
Vineland, New Jersey
Description: For National Drugs and Alcohol Facts week, our youth will be meeting at a designated area (ideally, near a school, park, or public library) to display drug and alcohol-related facts as well as some positive messaging (why they are incorruptible/belong to this group) with chalk on a designated sidewalk/blacktop area.
Number of Events: 2

East Newark Police

Where: 34 Sherman Ave
East Newark, New Jersey
Description: Just learning about this now so I’m getting all ideas together.
Number of Events: 1

New Mexico

Taos Pueblo Awareness Coalition Team

Where: PO Box 1846
Taos, New Mexico
Description: This event will be three fold: We will be asking the students at Taos Day School to create posters surrounding the issues of drugs and addiction. They will be able to put up those posters either in the windows of their homes, on their fences, or they can turn them into TPACT for us to put up. We will also be putting up posters with the myths/facts along Veterans HWY leading into Taos Pueblo for tribal members to see as they drive to and from their homes. Lastly, during the week of the event we will be posting myths/facts onto our social media Facebook and Instagram pages daily during the week of the event as well as handing out booklets, coloring pages, and activities for students to do either by themselves or with their families that surround drug and alcohol facts with their school lunches.
Number of Events: 3

Capacity Builders

Where: 414 West Broadway
Farmington, New Mexico
Description: Each event will focus on alcohol use and prevention. Slogan contest, coloring contest, virtual scavenger hunt one for parents and one for youth.
Number of Events: 4

Pyramid Coalition- Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition in Hidalgo County, NM

Where: 317 East 4th Street
Lordsburg, New Mexico
Description: Social Media campaign for education and information for parents, students, and community members regarding the facts about drugs and alcohol use.
Number of Events: 1


MADD Northern Nevada

Where: 1506 Regency Way
Sparks, Nevada
Description: Plan to do social media using alcohol facts.
Number of Events: 1

New York

Willets Road School

Where: 455 I.U. Willets Road
Roslyn Heights, New York
Description: I'm not sure what I'd like to do but I'm a health teacher and would love for all of the health sections be apart of an event like this and take part in activities and discussions.
Number of Events: 2


Where: 42 Shore Road Babylon Villgage
Babylon, New York
Description: I was suffering with depression and anxiety
Number of Events: 1


Where: 60 Saw Mill Road
kingston, New York
Description: Resource for court ordered referrals.
Number of Events: 14

Mission T NYC

Where: 69 Chestnut Road
Manhasset, New York
Description: We will be hosting a Zoom event with speakers discussing the importance of health and wellness and staying away from underage alcohol and drug use.
Number of Events: 2

Fairport Central School District

Where: 1 Dave Paddock Way, Fairport High School
Fairport, New York
Description: Students will make announcements with facts to educate their peers.
Number of Events: 5

Pittsford Schools

Where: 75 Barker Rd
Pittsford, New York
Description: PA announcements, virtual acitivties
Number of Events: 4

Herkimer County Community College

Where: 100 Reservoir Road
Herkimer, New York
Description: The first event will be a virtual game night open to any Herkimer Community College Student. It will be a trivia contest. The second event will involve sharing drug facts via our social media platforms throughout the week.
Number of Events: 2

interfaith temple of ezekiel

Where: 1509 central ave far rockawaw queen
queens, New York
Description: What is recovery.
Number of Events: 4

Smithtown High School East

Where: 10 School Street
St. James, New York
Description: A video of interviews with doctors and specialists will be prepared and shared with the students at the school to learn from. A "fact of the day" will also be presented every morning of the event week during morning announcements. Finally, a fundraiser will be organized in order to raise money towards a local rehab center for substance use.
Number of Events: 3

Health Education Associates

Where: Grit Works 115 Broadway
Newburgh, New York
Description: Having an informational table where community members can stop by to participate in anti-drug activities.
Number of Events: 1

ITAC- Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coaliiton

Where: 2111 Girdle Road PO Box 32
Elma, New York
Description: The Iroquois High School is planning a March GLADness event and have asked ITAC to be a part of their event. The event takes place prior to the National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week- we will capitalize on the week with a scavenger hunt on 3/2 and 3/5 -covering 2 Cohorts- letters spelling ITAC will be hidden by various clubs the night before each event day. Each letter will have alcohol, marijuana, drug facts. Students finding all 4 ITAC letters will win a prize. There will only be 2 C's hidden for each group. 2- Gift cards for each Cohort will be awarded to those finding all 4 letters. Information regarding ITAC and how to become an ITAC Ambassador will also be included on the back side of each hidden letter. This activity will cover grades 9-12, and the entire student body will be included.
Number of Events: 2

The Council on Addiction Prevention and Education

Where: 807 Route 52
Fishkill, New York
Description: We are doing a drug prevention trivia game night via Zoom. Participants will get educated, win prizes, and develop an interest for our coalition Youth Leadership Committee. The information they gather will be used to start thinking about a drug-free campaign for an upcoming PSA contest.
Number of Events: 2

Center for Family Life and Recovery

Where: 502 Court Street Suite 401
Utica, New York
Description: NDAFW Jeopardy Game.
Number of Events: 1

Churchville-Chili School District

Where: 139 Fairbanks Road
Churchville, New York
Description: Leading a discussion in our 7-12 P.E classes while also doing the shattering the myth social media campaign. Sharing facts over the announcements.
Number of Events: 3

COMPASS Unity Coalition

Where: 205 Beaver Dam Rd
Brookhaven, New York
Description: NDAFW Contest accepting art, poetry, essays and/ or psa videos.
Number of Events: 1

Roy C. Ketcham High School

Where: 99 Myers Corner Road
Wappinger Falls, New York
Description: Social media, announcements, trivia, zoom calls, etc.
Number of Events: 2

The Prevention Council of Erie County

Where: 1625 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, New York
Description: On 3/22, 3/23, and 3/25 we are offering a 1 hour "Power UP" opportunity for middle school students to include drug trivia and mental and emotional health programming. It is an opportunity for students to hang out with friends and talk about the importance of being drug-free 3/24 from 6 - 7:30 is A Night at the Council designed for families to partake in various activities - a zoomba lesson, storytime, trivia, and more
3/29 a "Parent Pause" - a virtual event featuring mindfulness, a discussion about Talk, they Listen, and a panel of experts ready to answer any questions the participants may have concerning substance use and other dangerous behavior.
Number of Events: 5

Warwick Valley Prevention Coalition

Where: 11 Hamilton Ave
Warwick, New York
Description: I am hosting a student discussion forum for my local middle school all about drug and alcohol prevention and education. We will also be discussing the importance of positive outlets and hobbies, making healthy decisions as well as peer pressure. The students will be asked to participate in a small poster contest where they can freely create a positive prevention message, then share it with us the following week.
Number of Events: 4

Prevention Network

Where: 906 SPENCER ST
Description: Social Media test your knowledge share of the NIDA IQ test.
Number of Events: 7

Prevention Network

Where: 906 SPENCER ST STE 101
Description: Free medication disposal bag delivery. Share on social media and link to receive a bag included.
Number of Events: 7

Prevention Network

Where: 906 SPENCER ST STE 101
Description: Online Kahoot trivia games from NIDA.
Number of Events: 7

Prevention Network

Where: 906 SPENCER ST STE 101
Description: Sharing tips via social media on how to do a community assessment to see the assets and needs of a community.
Number of Events: 7

Prevention Network

Where: 906 SPENCER ST STE 101
Description: Online Narcan training, Fentanyl test strips, and discussion about stigma and signs of an overdose.
Number of Events: 7

Prevention Network

Where: 906 SPENCER ST STE 101
Description: Tips for parents on how to start the conversation, resource guide, tool kits.
Number of Events: 7

Prevention Network

Where: 906 SPENCER ST STE 101
Description: Social media blast about the last day of NDAFW but they can continue learning from resources, including a link to a virtual "literature wall" that has tons of info on many substances, mental health, alcohol, under age drinking, etc.
Number of Events: 7

Oceanside SAFE Coalition

Where: 8 Ann Street 2nd Floor
Oceanside, New York
Description: Our Coalition is working with our Youth Council members to put together a social media awareness campaign where short videos/posts will be created and shared among community groups. Topics will include effects of youth substance use (i.e marijuana and alcohol). Youth members will also partake in creating a PSA on the effects of the legalization of marijuana in other states.
Number of Events: 2

Montgomery County Cares Coalition

Where: 2805 State Hwy 67
Johnstown, New York
Description: We will be using our Facebook page to create discussions among our members. We will post the interactive quiz and also information about drug and alcohol use and information on how to locally get help.
Number of Events: 5

CAReS Prevention

Where: 201 South Union St PO Box 567
Olean, New York
Description: Facts in the morning announcements supported by messaging on posters placed on bathroom stall doors in schools appropriate for age. Social media messages with substance facts as well as peer pressure resistance and anxiety coping/resilience strategies to prevent/delay the use of substances. Five skits to be shared on social media on Monday - Friday answering common misperceptions about substances.
Number of Events: 10

Seaway Valley Prevention Cncl

Where: 206 Ford Street Suite 301
Ogdensburg, New York
Description: Not so much an event - but rather a video per day or video for the week created by youth and edited by social media manger of the council. For Facebook/Insta/Snap/TikTok
Number of Events: 5

The Council on Addiction Prevention and Education of Dutchess County, Inc.

Where: 807 Route 52
Fishkill , New York
Description: Drug Prevention Trivia Night. Using popular movie and television clips we will be educating our youth on current drug trends and information and strategies on how to resist peer pressure. We will also feature information and facts throughout the week on all our social media.
Number of Events: 2

The Community Coalition for Family Wellness

Where: 125 High Rock Ave Suite 107
Saratoga Springs , New York
Description: Our youth coalition members have communicated with school staff, asking students to make a poster stating why they live a drug and alcohol free life. The posters will then be sent out to the student body virtually to vote on the posters. The posters, as well as drug facts will be shared on social media, and on morning announcements at the High School.
Number of Events: 3

Lindenhurst Community Cares Coaltion

Where: 293 Buffalo Ave
Lindenhurst, New York
Description: Jeopardy featuring your local government officials.
Number of Events: 1

Hit a Home Run Against Drugs, Inc

Where: 81 Croton ave. 3rd floor
Ossining, New York
Description: We will do a social media campaign and video. We will also play online games and educational sessions.
Number of Events: 5

Partners for Prevention

Where: 460 N Main St.
Warsaw, New York
Description: I plan to do a small social media campaign to address myths associated with teen substance use and misuse.
Number of Events: 7

Broome-Tioga BOCES

Where: 435 Glenwood Rd
Binghamton, New York
Description: In conjunction with Social/Emotional Learning Day on Friday, March 26th.
Number of Events: 1

Four Rivers Alliance of Hamilton County

Where: PO Box 70
Speculator , New York
Description: Informational campaign through our website and social media.
Number of Events: 3


Where: po box 9009
Niskayuna, New York
Description: Kahoot and Jeopardy game with prizes over zoom.
Number of Events: 1

CAPE at Linden Avenue Middle School

Where: 65 W Market Street
Red Hook, New York
Description: Students will take the National Drug and Alcohol IQ test virtually for the chance to win prizes and watch additional videos and games while remote.
Number of Events: 1


Amherst Steele High School

Where: 450 Washington
Amherst, Ohio
Description: Depending on Covid19, we will host a student wellness fair during lunches. If we are still off campus, we will do a virtual event.
Number of Events: 1

Brecksville Broadview Height High School

Where: 6380 Mill Road
Broadview Heights, Ohio
Description: Our youth-led club members will be promoting healthy choices by educating their peers and teaching staff about the risks and dangers of using alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana using a variety of daily activities.
Number of Events: 4

Pickaway Area Recovery Prevention

Where: 101 1/2 West Main St
Description: Media Campaign of Shatter The Myths hand held place cards throughout 4 counties of schools.
Number of Events: 1

Family Recovery Center

Where: 1010 North 6th Street
Steubenville, Ohio
Description: We will be handing out drug prevention materials and reading facts during the morning announcements in all 6 school districts.
Number of Events: 6

Community Awareness and Prevention Association

Where: 6380 Mill Road
Broadview Heights, Ohio
Description: Our proposed events will include educational and prevention activities facilitated by student-led organizations.
Number of Events: 4

Lucas County Sheriff's Office

Where: 1622 Spielbusch Ave.
Toledo, Ohio
Description: Created by Andrea Donohue, the ER director at Promedica Flower Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio, the Mock Overdose uses nurses from the the ER trauma team to enact four stages of heroin overdose. Each scenario depicts a progressively worse overdose, and little is left to the imagination.
Number of Events: 2

Lucas County Sheriff's Office

Where: 1622 Spielbusch Ave.
Toledo, Ohio
Description: Virtual 45 minute presentations to area high schools throughout the week of March 22 - March 26th on the Science of Addiction and current drugs of misuse in our area.
Number of Events: 5

Lucas County Sheriff's Office

Where: 1622 Spielbusch Ave.
Toledo, Ohio
Description: Drive thru informational event with local Mental Health and Recovery Services. The Health Department will provide free Naloxone Training to interested persons. Participants will remain in their cars as they drive through receiving various types of community resource information. Much like a car wash.
Number of Events: 1

The Link - Fremont Ross High School

Where: 1100 North Street, Fremont, Ohio 43420
Fremont, Ohio
Description: Our youth-led club members will be promoting healthy choices by educating their peers and teaching staff about the risks and dangers of using alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana using a variety of daily activities.
Number of Events: 5

Criminal Justice Program

Where: One University Plaza, CJCS Dept Youngstown State University
Youngstown, Ohio
Description: Simple Instagram post on the connection between drugs and crime.
Number of Events: 2

Dublin Coffman High School Dublin City Schools

Where: 6780 Coffman Rd
Description: We will be hanging posters around the school. Sharing information on Social Media, we'll also host a game night and ask for submissions about why students choose to be substance free.
Number of Events: 5

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers

Where: 9083 Mentor Ave.
Mentor, Ohio
Description: LGRC will be implementing daily social media posts that will align with general AOD topics and resources.
Number of Events: 5

Middletown Youth Coalition

Where: 1050 Central Ave. Suite 2500
Middletown, Ohio
Description: Planned a safe, structured, supervised substance-free event that will be open to teens with all abilities. Stranger Games will provide an opportunity for teens to have fun and feel included. We will lead up to promoting our event during drug facts week using DAB (Drugs are Bad) campaign.
Number of Events: 1

Ohio Guidestone

Where: 1458 5th Street NW
New Philadelphia, Ohio
Description: Display case displayed. Each day a new substance will be focused on. A large cloth is covering the large display case. Each day a section of the cloth is unpinned revealing facts of a new substance.
Number of Events: 1

Ohio Guidestone

Where: 1458 5th Street NW
New Philadelphia, Ohio
Description: Spirit week. Each day facts are spread and those in support dress up to themed days.
Number of Events: 5

Ohio Guidestone

Where: 1458 5th Street NW
New Philadelphia, Ohio
Description: Bulletin boards created, facts read, and posters placed in bathroom stalls with facts.
Number of Events: 5


Moss Public Schools

Where: 8087 E134 Rd
Holdenville, Oklahoma
Description: Hosting educational event to discuss the negative effects of drug and alcohol use.
Number of Events: 6

Southwest Oklahoma Juvenile Center

Where: 300 S. Broadway P.O. Box 99
Manitou, Oklahoma
Description: We are hoping to have an assembly and participate in Chat Day. We will also be having groups on different drugs and the effect they have on teen brains.
Number of Events: 9

Moss High School

Where: 8087 E. 135 Rd.
Holdenville, Oklahoma
Description: Speaker from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics to talk about drugs and alcohol.
Number of Events: 1


Where: 217 N HARVEY AVE SUITE 302
Description: To educate one of our colleagues how abstaining from the drug culture is effective without reprieve. MS. PRIESE D. ROYSTER(FEMALE)
Number of Events: 5

Community Health Centers of Oklahoma

Where: 12716 NE 36th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Description: Will post 1 IQ Challenge question in the morning and 1 Brainiac question in the afternoon on the CHCI Facebook page. The person who can answer either of the questions will win a prize/Sonic Gift Card.

Will record and post videos (Tic Tok) of Drug /Alcohol Overcomers or stories to the CHCI Facebook page.

Resource table in the waiting area with resources and healthy COVID safe snacks.
Order material from National Institute on Drug Abuse to display on table and share with Youth Service to deliver to schools.
Developed list of videos to post on facebook page to rotate beginning March 21st Intro to Drug Week from NIDA

Addiction and the brain Teen Brain development Why Teens are attracted to vaping (you can probably post this video with the “vaping” question on the challenge question)

Megan Tells her story

The Ripple Effect of addiction

Number of Events: 20


Tigard Turns the Tide Coalition

Where: 6960 SW Sandburg St
Tigard, Oregon
Description: Provide media campaign about how substance use affects the mental health of teens. Also present our TownHall we had planned last year when Covid hit. It's called, "Clear the Air-about Vaping and Teen Health." It was organized and will be presented by our youth coalition.
Number of Events: 4

Edison High School

Where: 9020 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Portland, Oregon
Description: Prevention and education about substance use and misuse and interaction with mental health.
Number of Events: 2

Angell Job Corps

Where: 335 NE Blodgett Road
Yachats, Oregon
Description: Students will participate in a center-wide scavenger hunt, a poster contest, and a movie discussion.
Number of Events: 2

Hood River County Prevention Department

Where: 309 State Street
Hood River, Oregon
Description: Promote social media campaign that allows students to share myth busters and facts about alcohol and drugs.
Number of Events: 1

Students Against Destructive Decisions

Where: 422 NW Beaver Street
Prineville , Oregon
Description: We planned on advertising drugs and alcohol around the Highschool with posters, as well as advertising them on our social media pages.
Number of Events: 1

OHSU ThinkFirst Oregon

Where: 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road L-603 Mackenzie hall, 5th floor L-603
Portland, Oregon
Description: Alcohol and the Brain. Discussing how alcohol enters the system, affects the brain, perception, body, discuss addiction, prevention. DUII and drugged driving.
Number of Events: 1


PA Leadership Charter School

Where: 106 Oxford Hill Lane
Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Description: provide information in person or electronically, due to covid pandemic. We are a cyber school. Consider hosting this topic in our weekly parent lounge zoom room
Number of Events: 2

Lycoming County Health Improvement Coalition, Inc.

Where: 1100 Grampian Boulevard
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Description: Re-enforce 2019 "Find Your Worth" positive mental health messaging/awareness among school age youth
Number of Events: 2

John H Taggart School

Where: 400 West Porter Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Description: TBD
Number of Events: 2

Counseling Solutions of the Lehigh Valley

Where: 1329 Hamilton St 2nd Fl
Allentown , Pennsylvania
Description: Prevention 101 and Stronger Me series for k-12 and adult early intervention.
Number of Events: 2

Pittsburgh Public Schools

Where: 925 Brushton Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Description: Daily announcements will include "Drug Facts" on our school's Microsoft Teams page as well as Facebook pages.
Number of Events: 7

Arcadia University Counseling and the AOD Program

Where: 450 south easton road Ground floor Heinz Hall
Glenside, Pennsylvania
Description: Speaker/comedian talking about his days in college spent binge drinking and lessons he learned.
Number of Events: 1


Where: 202 SPENCER CT
MOON TWP, Pennsylvania
Description: All 10th graders hear a lecture on how drugs and alcohol affects their body.
Number of Events: 6

Dream Big 1 & 2 Foundation

Where: 1515 Market Street Suite 1200
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Description: This event is planned to be as informative, and helpful to the domestic violence families we provide care to, and their children within the scholastic years of Grade 6th through 8th! We hope it is a fresh start for some of them going through trauma in hopes of preventing drug related situations to occur.
Number of Events: 7

Kacie's Cause of IUP Chapter

Where: Mid-Atlantic Research and Training Institute for Community and Behavioral Health Stright Hall, Room 107E 210 South Tenth Street
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Description: We are planning on doing an online Kahoot with our club on Opioids and other facts. We are also doing an in-person (socially-distanced) trivia during a tabling event in front of our dining hall on Indiana University of Pennsylvania's campus.
Number of Events: 2

Cambria County Drug Coalition

Where: 1 Pasquerilla Plaza
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Description: We will be featured on a local talk show called Around the Alleghenies to quiz the host on Drug and Alcohol Facts. It will air on Monday 3/22 at 12:30pm and 10:30pm. We will also feature posts on the CCDC's Facebook page
Number of Events: 6

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc

Where: 12 Church Street
Port Allegany, Pennsylvania
Description: We will be doing an alcohol awareness event.
Number of Events: 1

Puerto Rico

Academia Serrant

Where: 7033 Mendez Vigo
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Description: We will carry out an educational activity through a bingo alluding to the subject.
Number of Events: 1

Rhode Island

East Bay Regional Coalition

Where: 283 County Rd
Barrington, Rhode Island
Description: Online Facebook event with information and tips for your mental and emotional health.
Number of Events: 1

Central Falls Prevention Coalition

Where: 626 Broad Street Office #405
Central Falls, Rhode Island
Description: 1. Underage Drinking and Driving Prevention Flyer Contest. Zoom virtual event led by youth and gear toward adolescents 16+. Youth will use graphic art to portray a message and winner will receive a CFPC t-shirt. As part of science, event will include NIDA for Teens Effects of Alcohol material.
2. Substance Use Prevention Parenting Event called “Guiding Teens toward Success.” Main focus is ways of communication and parenting styles. Social media platforms will be Zoom and Facebook Live, in collaboration with Central Falls High School. Presenters include Substance Use Counselor from RISAS and Family Counselor from Lifespan.
3. Underage Marijuana Use Prevention Meme Creation. Zoom virtual event led by youth and geared to 12+ year olds. Students will create a compilation of funny memes to start conversation about marijuana marketing and the effects in an adolescent body. As part of science, it will include NIDA Mind Matters video and state statistics.
4. Opioid Skit created by youth and gear toward 15+ year olds. It will focus on how an addiction can start and its effects. Platform will be Instagram. Mind Matters: The Body’s Response to Opioid article will be used as informed science to create skit and resource.
Flyers for each event will be promoted via social media.
Number of Events: 4

South County Regional Coalition

Where: 300 Centerville Rd, Suite 301 South
Warwick, Rhode Island
Description: Each day we will post a new social media post with one question and answer.
Number of Events: 5

SPC Regional Prevention Coalition

Where: 1126 Hartford Avenue
Johnston, Rhode Island
Description: Sharing media via google classroom for schools in our region. Sharing drug facts on social media and via CC tv.
Number of Events: 25

Smithfield Prevention Coalition

Where: 33 Maple Avenue
North Providence, Rhode Island
Description: Drug and Alcohol Facts Week Jeopardy at lunches with prizes and other trivia.
Number of Events: 2

Rogers HS

Where: 15 Wickham Road
Newport, Rhode Island
Description: Daily educational information, Kahoots, opioid presentation, Google classroom activities, announcements,
NDAFW challenge, and NDAFW Bingo.
Number of Events: 15

Kent County Prevention Coalition

Where: 300 Centerville Rd Suite 301 South
Warwick, Rhode Island
Description: Daily social media posts with partner organizations using the Drug Facts quiz.
Number of Events: 5

South Carolina


BLUFFTON, South Carolina
Description: THY students will host games and trivia for 8th and 7th grade students to educate and encourage.
Number of Events: 2

Teens for Healthy Youth Bluffton High School

Where: 12 H.E. Mccracken circle 24 MONTICELLO DR
Bluffton, South Carolina
Description: We are giving out fact cards and candy.
Number of Events: 1

Cross Schools Teens for Healthy Youth

Where: 495 Buckwalter Parkway
Bluffton, South Carolina
Description: Trivia and games, as well as posters and informatics provided throughout the week.
Number of Events: 3

Hilton Head Christian Academy Teens for Healthy Youth

Where: 3088 Bluffton Pkwy.
Bluffton, South Carolina
Description: Throughout NDAFW, our THY group will "take over" our school Instagram page to share facts. This platform will be seen by students, parent and community subscribers. We will also be using some of the interactive games and quizzes during our E-10 time for Wellness Wednesday.
Number of Events: 2

Hilton Head Island High School

Where: 76 Wilborn Road
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Description: Create a presentation and share with the students on the school news show.
Number of Events: 5

Hilton Head Prep Teens for Healthy Youth

Where: 8 Fox Grape Rd
Hilton Head Island , South Carolina
Description: We will be doing a kahoot during our student advisory period to talk about the dangers of drinking and drugs.
Number of Events: 4

May River High School Teens for Healthy Youth

Where: 601 New Riverside Drive
Bluffton , South Carolina
Description: Poster contest of students dealing with COVID-19 which will begin conversations into the Mental Health of teenagers over the last year. Various posters will also be designed by THY students to hang around the school.
Number of Events: 2

Shiloh Project Lift, Inc.

Where: 1225 Narrow Paved Rd
Lynchburg, South Carolina
Description: Awareness Campaign.
Number of Events: 2

South Dakota

Spink County Coalition

Where: 1005 W 1st Street, Suite #2
Redfield, South Dakota
Description: Daily alcohol and drug facts/myths trivia for middle and high school students. Posters all around the school. Social media blitz. PSA's on the radio. Games at our SADD event on Friday.
Number of Events: 15


Moe Moes Love

Where: 402 Hietts Lane
Clarksville , Tennessee
Description: Not knowing the consequences of doing drugs..... Be a Leader NOT a Follower!!
Number of Events: 10

Wilson County Sheriff's Office

Where: 105 E High St.
Lebanon, Tennessee
Description: 30 School Resource Officers who are currently stationed at 30 public schools will be teaching on various topics as they see fit.
Number of Events: 30

Carter County Drug Prevention

Where: 546 E Elk Ave
Elizabethton, Tennessee
Description: We will share the Kahoot quizzes on our social media platforms each day.
Number of Events: 6

Brighton High

Where: 8045 hwy 51 south
Brighton, Tennessee
Description: Email.
Number of Events: 1

Unicoi County Prevention Coalition

Where: 105 Rock Creek Rd. Ste.4
Erwin, Tennessee
Description: The Coalition will display Drug Fact Posters at the High School as well as provide an information table for students during the week.
Number of Events: 2

Hamilton County Coalition

Where: 5721 Marlin Rd, Building 6100, Suite 3200
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Description: Youth lead social media campaigns on drug prevention awareness, Tobacco, Rx drugs, and underage drinking.
Number of Events: 7

Coffee County Raider Academy

Where: 865 McMinnville Highway
Manchester, Tennessee
Description: Will use this opportunity during class to inform students, both in-person and digital learners, of drug and alcohol use.
Number of Events: 7

Unicoi County High School SADD Club

Where: 700 S Mohawk Dr.
Erwin, Tennessee
Description: Working with local partners and our SADD club we will be setting up an information table in the lunchroom where we will have free handouts and be available to answer questions, etc.
Number of Events: 2

ATS The Bridge

Where: 1500 Lauderdale Memorial Highway
Description: Social media campaign and posters in the schools, middle and high school. Using our ambassadors to share the facts thru the facts printed.
Number of Events: 8

Cheatham County Community Enhancement Coalition

Where: 102 Frey St
Ashland City , Tennessee
Description: This event will include local support from our Coalition, members, volunteers, youth coalition, SADD club members, Juvenile court mandated youth, Law Enforcement, and other agencies in our county. We will have booths that are very specific to science based trivia, games , informational booths, resources, raffles, drunk driving simulator, hidden in plain sight simulation (parents/caregivers only) and etc. All throughout the week we will be doing a social media campaign in preparation to being informative and educational as well as advertising for the event. We will also have a proclamation signed by the Mayor.
Number of Events: 7

Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition

Where: 151 E. Race Street
Kingston , Tennessee
Description: We will play bingo, give away prizes, and present facts while we play.
Number of Events: 1

Prevention Coalition for Success

Where: 415 N. Maple Street
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Description: Prevention Coalition for Success will have a virtual scavenger hunt live for play March 22-28, 2021 on the virtual scavenger hunt app, GooseChase.

Youth can complete educational activities about alcohol safety, traffic safety, and medication safety. 20 teams of 3-5 elementary, middle, and high school students are able to participate.

The app is free, and it is free to participate in the virtual scavenger hunt. Please note: The app is available and usable on a smartphone. **It is NOT compatible with a tablet!** For more details on how to play a GooseChase Scavenger Hunt, please visit:

Prevention Coalition for Success' scavenger hunt name is Alcohol Free Scavenger Hunt.

Number of Events: 1

Gibson County Special School District

Where: 130 Trenton Hwy
Dyer, Tennessee
Description: The link for the National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge will be posted on the Coordinated School Health section of our school district website and on social media as well as being sent to students through Remind.
Number of Events: 1

ATS The Bridge

Where: 1500 Lauderdale Memorial Highw
Description: We will use our youth ambassadors (elementary thru college age) to share the facts via social media and our fact placards.
Number of Events: 14

Divine Mirrors

Where: 328 Paint Rock Valley Road
Philadelphia , Tennessee
Description: Ride To Recovery

(180 horse back riders are riding to raise awareness for SUD and mental health issues)
Number of Events: 3

Franklin County Prevention Coalition

Where: 900 South Shepherd St
Winchester, Tennessee
Description: We are going to do a social media campaign.
Number of Events: 1

Monroe County Prevention & Wellness Coalition

Where: 615 Warren St.
Madisonville, Tennessee
Description: Door contest in school, poster contest, and Tik Tok post contest. Open to all---4 categories- schools, individual, business, and Tik Tok.
Number of Events: 1

Hamilton County Coalition

Where: 5721 Marlin Rd Bldg. 6100, Ste. 3200
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Description: Will consist of presentation and activities.
Number of Events: 1

Obion County Prevention

Where: P.O. Box 483
Union City, Tennessee
Description: We will play jeopardy drug edition.
Number of Events: 2

Obion County Prevention

Where: P.O. Box 483
Union City, Tennessee
Description: Social media posts.
Number of Events: 2


Tivy High School

Where: 3250 Loop 534
Kerrville, Texas
Description: Need additional ideas
Number of Events: 4

Bethel Prevention Coalition

Where: 3447 Northwest Pkwy
San Antonio, Texas
Description: A virtual drug awareness seminar with Program Director, Dr. Keely Petty. We will show the students "The Truth About Drug." Will play a drug prevention Kahoot game with the students after the video.
Number of Events: 3


Where: 9090 N Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, Texas
Description: Holding class discussion
Number of Events: 10

Bethel Prevention Coalition Initiative

Where: 3443 Northwest Pkwy
San Antonio, Texas
Description: Educational Awareness seminar for the students in our area.
Number of Events: 3

Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol

Where: 2947 E. Broadway, Suite 400
Pearland, Texas
Description: We are in planning stages.
Number of Events: 1

Shatterproof-Angels Of Addiction

Where: 301 County Road 284
Gustine , Texas
Description: Abilene TX-School Event;
Hamilton Tx-School event;
Brownwood TX- School Event;
All 3 Display Materials;
On-Line Campaign and resources; and
Educate Providers, Teachers and Parents.
Number of Events: 8

Challenged Conquistadors, Inc.

Where: 1110 Pine Circle, NA Apt 2
Beaumount, Texas
Description: When an individual is subjected to brain trauma as my 3-month coma in 1977, one never thinks it will result in a book & asking to be included in three other books nor poems to be honored at two websites, as I now have 11 diagnoses, once considered Alzheimers, but now Progressive SupraNuclear Palsy securing 4 laws in Texas & one for our entire USA as my Effective Practices for Data letter from our national Science Foundation 5.20.19 affirmed.
Number of Events: 200


Where: 2947 E. Broadway, Suite 400
Pearland, Texas
Description: TBD
Number of Events: 1

Prevention Resource Center Region 1

Where: 806 18th Street
Lubbock , Texas
Description: Booth set up at health department and other events through collaboration with other organizations to help share drug and alcohol prevention awareness. We'll have handouts such as infographics and hand sanitizers.
Number of Events: 3

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Tarrant County

Where: 3218 E. Belknap St.
Fort Worth, Texas
Description: Speakers to attend, lite meal provided, swag and info give aways.
Number of Events: 1

Palmer Drug Abuse Program

Where: 1275 Cottonwood Drive
Brownsville, Texas
Description: We will conduct this thru computer presentations.
Number of Events: 4

Fort Bend Community Prevention Coalition

Where: 10435 Greenbough Dr. Suite 250
Stafford, Texas
Description: The youth coalition coordinator will be hosting a virtual educational event for their peers. The event will include meme contests, a presentation on the negative effects of vaping, and an interactive game as a post-test.
Number of Events: 1

Shatterproof AOA

Where: 1210 Palm St
Abilene, Texas
Description: Online awareness for Parents and Teens.
Number of Events: 5

LifeSteps Council on Alcohol and Drugs

Where: 2021 north mays st suite 500
round rock, Texas
Description: We are going to do a virtual trivia game with students. It may be in-person depending on what the school allows.
Number of Events: 2

Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas

Where: 5510 N Cage Blvd
Pharr, Texas
Description: The audience will be informed about current statistics relevant to alcohol and other drugs as well as risk and protective factors: Our goal is to inform parents about alcohol and other drugs and how they can be aware of these trends. We also want parents to learn helpful tips on how to talk about substance use prevention to their kids.
Number of Events: 2

Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas

Where: 5510 N Cage Blvd
Pharr, Texas
Description: The goal of this presentation is to inform professionals such as: teachers, counselors, social workers, coalition members about substance use prevention as well as current drug and alcohol trends and help them be aware about this current situation.
Number of Events: 1

Dr. Alanda R. White, DNP, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BE

Where: 229 Wexford
Cibolo, Texas
Description: I will provide education and resources to the district 2 city of San Antonio, Texas.
Number of Events: 8

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas

Where: 304 North Raguet
Lufkin, Texas
Description: We plan to show mini educational videos each day and provide campaign and promotional material.
Number of Events: 50

Change Happens Rescue Youth

Where: 3353 Elgin St
Houston, Texas
Description: We are creating a social media campaign to engage online and will be doing an activity with our virtual schools.
Number of Events: 10

Fort Bend Community Prevention Coalition

Where: 10435 Greenbough Drive Suite 250
Stafford, Texas
Description: Escape the Vape Trivia Night. Created by youth, presented by youth, for youth. Trivia games, Kahoot, and meme contest.
Number of Events: 1

Bethel Prevention Coalition

Where: 3447 NE Parkway
San Antonio, Texas
Description: Informative seminar for coalition members and students with a certified speaker. Speaker will give an impact story and information that will help prevent others.
Number of Events: 2

Tobacco Prevention & Control Coalition

Where: 5510 N Cage Blvd
Pharr, Texas
Description: The NIDA activity will provide a presentation on tobacco prevention education, a quick game of myth or truth and book art, which youth will draw on books a tobacco prevention message or image. The book art also inspires a creative outlet/positive alternative to tobacco use.
Number of Events: 1

SA Project REACH

Where: 2300 W. Commerce St. 309
San Antonio, Texas
Description: To discuss the rise in the misuse of prescription drugs and how may be the path to street drugs.
Number of Events: 3

Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas

Where: 1617 E Tyler
Harlingen, Texas
Description: Will provide a presentation on healthy living without tobacco then have a tobacco bingo game.
Number of Events: 1

Hub City Outreach Center

Where: 4 Briercroft Office Park Ste
Lubbock, Texas
Description: 1. Q&A with local professionals over the reality of ATOD use as a teen.
2. Kahoot games to objectively educate on ATOD to youth.
Number of Events: 2

Society for Neuroscience Sun City Chapter

Where: 500 W University
El Paso , Texas
Description: The following will be a virtual event discussing the neuroscience behind drugs.
Number of Events: 5

Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol

Where: 8060 Spencer Hwy
Pasadena , Texas
Description: Q&A Expert Panel through Zoom.
Number of Events: 1

Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas

Where: 1004 South St. Marys St.
Falfurrias, Texas
Description: All one should do is paint a rock with kind words, inspiration, motivation or anything of your choice-of course only positive messages. Once they are done with it, they are prompted to take a pic and #BHSST, #BHOLD & #NDAFW to their social media accounts. After completed they may also place a completed rock somewhere in the community for another person to find.
Number of Events: 10


GYC Youth Coalition

Where: 55 South 500 East
Heber City, Utah
Description: TBD
Number of Events: 2

Juab County Sheriff

Where: 425 West Sheeplane Drive
Nephi, Utah
Description: Department will post information on Drugs, Alcohol, and mental health on Facebook. Those who view and let us know what they learned from it will receive a gift.
Number of Events: 7


The Prevention Alliance of Greater Prince William

Where: 7969 Ashton Ave.
Manassas, Virginia
Description: Our coalition has decided to create a "Fill your Fridge" community challenge/campaign. Students and their parents will be invited to fill their fridge with sticky note facts on drugs and alcohol using a set of guidelines. Each fridge will be submitted via a picture and our coalition members will judge who filled their fridge with the most facts using the guidelines created. Two winners will be chosen as winners who will receive a "full Fridge" of produce and other items as well as gift cards from local groceries and markets!
Number of Events: 2

Mentor Foundation USA

Where: 1775 Tysons Blvd 5th Floor
Tysons, Virginia
Description: We are converting parts of our annual in-person Shatter the Myths Rally into a virtual event; a youth-led Q&A webinar with Dr. Ruben Baler, Scientist on the Neurobiology of Drug Abuse & Addiction at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), to discuss the developing brain and the importance of adolescent substance use prevention. Dr. Baler will explain the health effects and consequences of drug use and addiction and share resources for the whole family about the impact of drug use on health.
Number of Events: 2

Luray High School

Where: 243 Bulldog Drive
Luray, Virginia
Description: This will take place in my remote asynchronous learning environment. I will post the graphics and activities for my 9th grade students to see/engage with.
Number of Events: 1

Portsmouth Behavioral Healthcare Services

Where: 1811 King Street
Portsmouth, Virginia
Description: We are proposing doing a drive through parade in partnerships with the D.A.R.E program and the Youth Services Department of the Sheriffs office to pass out information about making healthy choices. We are also planning to distribute medication disposal bags.
Number of Events: 2

Dickenson county behavioral he

Where: 440 Fox Town Rd.
Description: Post virtual messages on social media platforms to reach the community.
Number of Events: 1

Futuro Latino Coalition

Where: 755 M.L.K. Jr. Way
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Description: Have a virtual conversation with youth and share with them some facts about alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, and e-cigarettes.
Number of Events: 1

Youth Page Alliance for Community Action

Where: 604 Oak Leaf Road
Luray, Virginia
Description: We are kicking off our Spring Break and National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week with an egg hunt at both of our county high schools. Students will find eggs stuffed with candy, rubber bracelets, and substance use messaging on student-designed stickers. Additionally, during our Spring Break the following week, we will continue the same messaging tied to a social media challenge. Each day will be a new challenge asking students to record themselves doing a specific task or sharing something special. For example, day one asks students to create a step-by-step cooking video. Day three is a virtual car show. The winning video each day will be featured on our school's social media and the student will receive a gift card.
Number of Events: 6

The Frankie Woolwine Story

Where: 7703 Dartmoor Rd
Henrico, Virginia
Description: TFWS will be hosting a zoom Trivia Night focused on drug and alcohol facts. We will post facts on Facebook and Instagram during the week and hold the main event on the weekend.
Number of Events: 2

Planned Intervention Programs, Inc.

Where: 1018 KITT COURT
Description: Basketball, Snacks & Facts and Back to School Scholarship Essay Contest.
Number of Events: 2


Black River Area Community Coalition

Where: 37 Depot Street
Ludlow , Vermont
Description: Provide facts, games, challenges, and educational information to people on social media
Number of Events: 5

Hartford School District & Hartford Community Coalition

Where: 37 Highland Avenue
WRJ, Vermont
Description: Advisory trivia competition.
Number of Events: 2


Mount Si High School

Where: 8651 Meadowbrook Way SE
Snoqualmie, Washington
Description: We will offer information during the National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week, March 22-28, 2021, through student's advisory class.
Number of Events: 1

NEWESD 101/Spokane Prevention Coalitions

Where: 4202 S. Regal St.
Spokane , Washington
Description: We will be holding a virtual town hall event about alcohol and youth use.
Number of Events: 1

Wahluke Community Coalition

Where: 411 E Saddle Mountain Drive
Mattawa, Washington
Description: We want to hold a zoom webinar that is like a gameshow with questions and answers, with prizes for the winners.
Number of Events: 1

Oroville CARES Coalition

Where: 816 Juniper Street
Oroville, Washington
Description: Kolo's Kids is an afterschool Recreational program. They will hold a 15-minute lesson daily on drug facts, using NIDA materials, culminating with the IQ challenge. They will also develop PSA's on drug facts that will be broadcast on local media.
Number of Events: 10

St Thomas School

Where: 8300 NE12th ST
Medina, Washington
Description: Formerly had a Health Fair week - but with COVID - we are breaking up events. Going to have two presentations for all MS (one on addiction and impacts and brain and one on mental health and substance use)
Number of Events: 16

Whatcom Family & Community Network

Where: 2303 Moore St.
Bellingham, Washington
Description: TBD
Number of Events: 1

Trail Youth Coffee Home

Where: 226 SE N Bend Way
North Bend, Washington
Description: Bingo! We received materials from you in the mail!
Number of Events: 1

Omak High School TEA (Teaching Everyone Awareness) Club

Where: PO Box 833
Omak, Washington
Description: The TEA Club is using a Roulette Wheel with the "Test Your Knowledge on Drugs By Taking the: 2020 National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge." All students that spin the wheel will win a prize and increase their knowledge. There will be free "Arnold Palmer" iced tea for everyone in a cup with the TEA Club sticker and Okanogan County Coalitions "MOOV" logo on it. There will be all kinds of educational and resource materials for students as well as the prizes are items such as emoji stress balls, fidget spinners, drug free pens/pencils, no smoking suckers, pop sockets with Coalition Logo, "You Can" stress ball brains, cell phone pockets with logos, and more. The tables will be set up with music playing and a fun party type atmosphere to encourage students to approach and participate and learn in order to educate students and prevent/reduce drug and alcohol use in our community.
Number of Events: 4

Crescent United Coalition

Where: PO Box 20
Joyce, Washington
Description: Our coalition Prevention Club will be doing an NDAFW surprise egg hunt on campus, and then our advisor/Student Assistance Professional will be doing a high school classroom activity with the Bingo game.
Number of Events: 2


Drought Elementary School

Where: 7 mile road
Franksville, Wisconsin
Description: I will go into each classroom and discuss drug prevention
Number of Events: 8

Milwaukee County

Where: 9455 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Description: BHD and our community partners will host several virtual events.
Number of Events: 25

Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Where: N671 County Rd M
Hawkins, Wisconsin
Description: Educating the men in our care on substance use.
Number of Events: 1

Partners for Prevention

Where: 1996 Highway 14 PO Box 649 1996 Hwy 14 PO Box 649
Richland Center, Wisconsin
Description: TBD
Number of Events: 2

Building A Safer Evansville

Where: 112 W. Church St.
Evansville, Wisconsin
Description: Working with student groups to design flyers/posters to display around the schools, daily announcements to the entire school at each building, daily trivia/question give aways on social media, general social media awareness campaign, virtual speaker events with recovery coaches/mental health professionals/etc.
Number of Events: 12

Tomahawk Middle School

Where: 1048 East King Road
Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Description: Week-long activities with a daily theme of staying drug and alcohol-free. Promoting positive choices with healthy habits bingo.
Number of Events: 4

27th Street West Drug Free Coalition

Where: 801 W. Michigan St.
Milwaukee , Wisconsin
Description: The Teen Professional Skills Summit will serve to educate teens on the dangers of using drugs on the job as well as helping them to understand correlations between drug and alcohol use and involuntary unemployment. Additionally the Summit will work to connect teens with jobs in their area, as an alternative to drug use.
Number of Events: 2

Marquette University

Where: 1102 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Description: We are hosting a Bingo event where each round of bingo is about a different type of addiction and how addiction effects the brain generally. We are also hosting a few social media campaigns about cannabis, nicotine, prescription study drugs, and the intersection of college athletics and alcohol and drug use. Finally, we are showing the Fader documentary about Mac Miller and his struggles with mental health and addiction and hosting a discussion about the documentary afterwards.
Number of Events: 6

Community Alliance for Prevention

Where: 304 2nd St
Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Description: A-fact-a-day in school communications such as PA announcements.
Number of Events: 4

Tomahawk Middle School

Where: 1048 East Kings Road
Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Description: We are promoting our Social Norms which states that most students are making the choice to be alcohol and drug-free. We are having a Jeopardy contest with the NFDAFW game, Healthy Habits bingo with staff and students, and also dress-up days.
Number of Events: 3

West Virginia

Wayne County Prevention Coalition

Where: 4401magazine Ave
Huntington , West Virginia
Description: We just want to get prevention messages out during our monthly meeting, our social media outlets, our youth group meetings. Our county is operating fully virtual currently.
Number of Events: 20

Pocahontas County Youth Leadership Council - Community Connections Inc

Where: PO Box 151
Green Bank, West Virginia
Description: PSA's covering Alcohol, Marijuana, Vaping, MDMA, Meth, Overdose stats to run for one week on our local radio station, articles in our local newspaper, videos by students to be shared on social media and school websites.
Number of Events: 27

Advocates for Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

Where: 1300 Potomac Avenue, Suite C
Weirton, West Virginia
Description: We have supplied families with supplies to take part in our "Drugs are Nuts" Challenge. They are asked to use the supplies to make an acorn for each member of their household. Then post them on a wall or door of their home and take a picture to post on social media with the hashtag #DrugsAreNuts. They were given enough supplies to make a second acorn for each person to return to our office for display. Any family that posts or submits a picture and returns a set of acorns will be entered to win a prize pack. The second part is an educational piece. We are including in the supplies Being Me and Drug-Free and Being Me and Alcohol-Free activity books for the youth to complete with their parents.
Number of Events: 1

Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department

Where: 920 Court Street North
Lewisburg, West Virginia
Description: Trivia during lunch periods for 6th, 7th and 8th grades.
Number of Events: 3

Morgan County Partnership

Where: 26 Chapman Street
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Description: Each day at noon we will post a mindfulness moment to address coping with stress and at 3 pm we will post a FAQ about drugs. On Tuesday will create a post for parents on how they can prevent drug use and on Thursday we will post for the National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge.
Number of Events: 1


Strong Families Strong Wyoming

Where: 1950 Blue Grass Cir Suite 260
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Description: Strong Families Strong Wyoming will highlight the NIH and NIDA with our April newsletter and a email campaign with resources on drugs and alcohol and the effects on the developing teen brain-short term and long-term consequences.
Number of Events: 1

Healthy Park County

Where: 707 Sheridan Ave Cody Regional Health
Cody, Wyoming
Description: Healthy Park County will be hosting a social media campaign.
Number of Events: 5

Outside the US

Sociedade em Rede Research Group - Universidade do Estado da Bahia (UNEB)

Where: Universidade do Estado da Bahia - UNEB. Rua Silveira Martins, 2555, Cabula.
Salvador, Brazil
Description: We are developing a digital game for training DARE military police instructors. The game will also train military police officers who work in policing the school environment.
Number of Events: 1

National Drug Council

Where: Spotbay Cayman Brac
, Cayman Islands
Description: Week-long campaign
Number of Events: 1

National Drug Council of the Cayman Islands

Where: Unit's #17 and #18 Caymanian Village PO Box 10007 Grand Cayman KY1-1001 CAYMAN ISLANDS
, Cayman Islands
Description: For a second time, the National Drug Council of the Cayman Islands will be hosting a month-long campaign on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac beginning March 1st 2021. Cayman's "National Drug and Alcohol Facts Month" (NDAFM) will offer youth an opportunity to showcase their knowledge artistically by illustrating the facts of drugs and alcohol virtually and hands-on.
Adults will have an opportunity to engage with experts, discover valuable information and skills in drug prevention, and many other issues that children or teens face today. Cayman Brac's National Drug Council will also be hosting the first-ever Shatter the Myths Glow walk and a Beach Clean-up as part of the NDAFM Campaign.
Number of Events: 7


Where: Marcoleta
Santiago, Chile
Description: Información online para prevención de adicciones en adolescentes.
Number of Events: 1

Addicts Group of mental health

Where: Oyibi KKD sch P O Box 2 Oyibi
Accra, Ghana
Description: Is about giving advice and creating awareness for youth and college students about how doing drugs can destruct their education.
Number of Events: 2

Abiding hope church

Where: G1, Chamundeshwari towers Church road, kondayapalem
Nellore , India
Description: Planning.
Number of Events: 1

Addict recovert crew

Where: Jl. Muara no.42
Padang, Indonesia
Description: Narcotics use.
Number of Events: 1


Where: Serpong jaya Jl.The Garden III No.1
Description: Preventing social security office area free drugs location.
Number of Events: 8

Caring Hands CBO

Where: P. O. Box 69332
Nairobi, Kenya
Description: Community/Schools
Number of Events: 9

Lift Lives Kenya

Where: 0716144344 0716144344
Nairobi, Kenya
Description: Most Kenyans suffer from Schizophrenia which leads to depression. It would be nice to get their minds off of it.
Number of Events: 5

Instituto Asunción de México

Where: 219 Calzada de las Águilas Colinas del Bosque
Mexico City, Mexico
Description: The teachers will carry out activities related to the consequences of alcohol and drug use in adolescence in their classes.
Number of Events: 3


Description: The workshop will be virtual, attending youth invited through schools, facebook, and our collaborators in addiction treatment facilities. The first part include a research online about marijuana use and discussions and the second part is a lecturer about how to improve a healthy brain. The social media campaign will cover the event and display flyers with scientific information about marijuana.
Number of Events: 2

Instituto Asunción de México

Where: Calz. de las Águilas #219 Colinas del Bosque
CDMX, Mexico
Description: There will be a talk by an addiction expert. Likewise, we want to host the Chat with NIDA experts.
Number of Events: 2


Where: 14 Chinedu Close
Abia, Nigeria
Description: Book presentation and awareness rally.
Number of Events: 2


Where: Matejce Matejce
Kumanovo, North Macedonia
Description: I think this event will help me as a student.
Number of Events: 4

Judiciary Police - Forensic Science Laboratory

Where: Rua Assis Vaz, 113
Porto, Portugal
Description: Get information.
Number of Events: 1

Coalición de Prevención y Acción Naranjiteña (COPAN)

Where: Calle Marcelino Cruz #64
Naranjito, Puerto Rico
Description: Provide educational information about Alcohol and Drugs Myths and Facts through the Social Media.
Number of Events: 2


Where: Obhur district
Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Description: I would like to talk about side effects of substance use and how some patients recover from it.
Number of Events: 4

SVG DARE program

Where: Police headquarters Questelles
Kingstown , St. Vincent & Grenadines
Description: Advocacy on the effects of marijuana.
Number of Events: 4

MZumbe University

Where: P.o.Box 6582
Morogoro, Tanzania
Description: I expect to bring awareness on substance use disorder among youth, and students.
Number of Events: 3

Prevention Center, "Choice"

Where: 9, Samostrov Street, Office 79, Chernihiv, 14005, Ukraine
Chernihiv, Ukraine
Description: The program, "Choice-8" includes 10 core sessions aiming to prevent drug use, crime and HIV/AIDS among eight-graders (13-14 years old).
Number of Events: 6

African Shade

Where: 954 Litunga Road
Livingstone, Zambia
Description: Youth meeting.
Number of Events: 4

Bwalo Global Development Trust

Where: Plot 1304 Chila Road Kafue Town
Kafue, Zambia
Description: Proposed event will use the Public address system mounted on a mobile vehicle and will also distribute flyers.
Number of Events: 10