Teens Make Music Contest Winner: Lost

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These nobodies * off
They don't even live with the price of their actions, 
The consequences that truth could cause, 
Balling and living no laws not cause I don't follow em, 
More cause I live on my own 
By definition, 
Nothing to tell me what is and what isn't, 
Less it's my own business, 
Cause I'm the only witness to the legend, 
Living with the lyrics but never a Reverend, 
I may profit from em but I never just sell out, 
Live with intelligence, mind of meddler, times of a peddler, 
Spitting these rhymes of wit, lit with an eloquence, Spitting mis-adventures, 
of kid acting like he high on Ritalin, 
When he gets no sleep, but he manic 

Chorus (Sadie, Counselor's sister - Not entering the contest)

Tell me the cost, Tell me the price You don't know all that I've sacrificed, Tell me the cost, Tell me the price, You don't know all that I've Lost 

Verse 2 (Andrew)

My life's so confusing, 
Cause all the drugs I've been using, My health and brain I've abused, 

And I hate on people cause it's so amusing,

Not thinking bout all the love I am losing, I'm deep in my thoughts now I'm cruising, My people's trust I've been bruising, all the choices I'm choosing, 
My life's a bomb I'm defusing, 
That's my conclusion, I am just human, 
Trying to find my solution, 
* all this fake it's illusion, 
All this illusion is confusing, 
Can't make mistakes I'm refusing, It's the new me introducing, 
All the success I'm inducing, 
All these * rappers polluting, 
These are my thoughts that are oozing, That's all my * now I'm *.