Teens Make Music Contest Winner: Demons

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Verse 1 (Rae lee - Not entering contest) 

Tired of these thoughts always coming back to me, 
I think of my brother what if he was to see, 
To this day I be singing, I be singing RIP, 
Rest in peace to my other half, RIP to me, All the good * that I be doing, 
It's been six months and I haven't been using, 
Was fighting depression and I know that I was losing, 
I picked up the drugs and I started abusing, Looking for a better life, look for better days, 
In my back there's a knife but I'm stuck in my ways, There's gotta be another time, a time with no day, There's gotta be another game, a game that I could play,

I know that my brother he be watching over me, Died before alive it was a real tragedy,
People think I'm fine, but they're so blind to see, That I'm lost inside, what's real reality,

Chorus (Snowman - Not entering contest)

In my head I have demons, En mi cabeza yo tengo demonios They have me surrounded, Me tienen rodeada 
How I hate em, Yo como los odio In the drugs I was lost, En las drogas estuve perdido 
In the streets they see me lit, en las cal/es me miran prendido 
But there's always a hug to all the homies who are with me, Pero siempre un abrazo a todos los compas que tengo conmigo 

Verse 2 (Caleb)

Mama know when you were crying, 
Go to the crib and I was just lying, 
I was stealing your pills to be making them bills, 
That was the * I relied on, Making the grave that you sleep in, 
Taking the Xan I was doing the pea kin, 
Shot couple times I was doing the bleedin, 
Looking for God I can start on my pleaing, Mama forgive me for the * I was being, 
I got brought to the heavens I thought I was dreaming, Got my middle fingers up saying * all my demons, Living the Truth that's what I believe in, He said he would help so I started cheesing, 
Making them money so we can start eating, 
I am a king but I keep on the feigning, 
Wanna stay clean but quit all the geekin, Yeah.