Step 4: Secure Your Science

National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week® will be held March 21-27, 2022.

All NDAFW events must use science-based information to make sure the participants get the facts about drugs and drug use.

Use at Least One of These Scientific Sources 

  • NIDA Materials

    Check out our Order Free Materials section for science-based educational publications. These materials are a great way to prepare students before the event, to hand out at the event, or to use for posters to decorate your event. NIDA also offers many online resources about drugs and drug use.

  • NIDA Web-Interactive Event

    Use these fun and educational web interactive activities with individuals or as part of an event utilizing a large screen for group participation.

    • National Drugs & Alcohol IQ Challenge
      Test their knowledge! Every year NIDA uses the latest science to create an interactive quiz that challenges what students know and helps SHATTER THE MYTHS® around drugs and drug use.
  • A Scientific Expert

    Bring your event to the next level. To help answer teens’ questions, find a local expert with a professional background in the science of drugs or addiction. Here are a few great resources in your community:

    • Local Colleges and Universities. Go to your local university’s website to find people in departments—like psychology, psychiatry, public health, or neurology—that might be interested in working with you. Explain about NDAFW and see if a professor, researcher, or graduate student with a background in any of these disciplines would be willing to volunteer.
    • Local Hospitals or Pharmacies. For area hospitals, call the main hospital number and ask to be linked to the psychiatry or mental health department. They may be able to link you with an expert who treats people with substance use disorders. For pharmacies, go to your local pharmacist and explain your event and see if they or a colleague can volunteer an hour of their time to attend.
    • Local Health Departments. Check out your state or local health department website. Most have programs that focus on teens or drug use prevention. They can work with you to find a person or other resources to help bring science to your event.

Brush up on Your Drug Facts Knowledge

Drug use is an evolving field. Take some time to brush up on your knowledge of drugs and their effects before your event. Here are a few of NIDA’s resources to get you started, or explore the NIDA website.

EVENT TIP: See our Teaching Guide for recommendations on how to engage teens and encourage them to learn more.

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