South Carolina

Positive Feedack

Where: Charleston, SC
When: October 31, 2011

Brief Description: It's like Trading A Piece of Glass For a Diamond! Furndale Community using STM.

Boys and Girls Club of the Pee Dee area

Where: Hartsville, SC
When: October 31, 2011

Brief Description: The Youth will sign a drug free proclamation and create drug free artwork.

Presbyterian College of Pharmacy APhA-ASP Chapter Project Gen Rx

Where: Clinton, SC
When: November 2, 2011

Brief Description: Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy students are going to the local high school. The APhA-ASP members of GenRX are going to get some of the high school students involved in preforming 2 CSI skits. We also plan to do a presentation about some facts about drug and prescription abuse.