School Events

Group of Teens conversating

Peer to Peer Learning

Sometimes the best people to explain facts to teens are teens themselves. Create a peer-to-peer program where older students sit with younger students in groups or individually, explain the dangers of drug misuse, and coach them on how to avoid drugs.

School Assembly

Hearing directly from someone who has survived the disease of addiction, or from people who see the effects of drug use every day, can prompt students to think twice before trying drugs.

Host an assembly, and invite people in recovery from addiction to speak to the students. You could also invite emergency-room doctors, and law enforcement officials who work to stop drug use.

Lunch 'n' Learns

At the beginning of lunch period every day during NDAFW, teachers can state a drug fact and a discussion question, and have students discuss the fact over lunch. Arrange for teachers, counselors, and school nurses to be available in the lunchroom for any questions.