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Registration is simple, and connects you with NIDA staff who can offer advice on how to hold a successful event. In addition, it gives you easy access to free NIDA materials for teens that can be sent in time for your activity. You can also contact NIDA staff with questions in advance of registration at

Once your event has been approved it will appear on NIDA's events map.

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*Reminder: only Adult Advisors can register and serve as a point of contact for NIDA. This information will be publicly displayed with each event you register.

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*Please note that the event must be held during National Drug Facts Week, Monday, January 27 - Sunday, February 2, 2014, to be included on our map.

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Once we've received your registration information, NIDA will review all of the information submitted and may contact the Adult Advisor.

Once your event has been approved it will appear on NIDA's events map.

The NIDA approval process for NDFW events may take up to two weeks. Please contact us at if you have any questions.