Adult Advisors and Sponsors for National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week

How can my organization support this week?

Your participation as an adult advisor/sponsoring organization for National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® is integral to the nationwide success of this week. You can support this week by partnering with local teens to support or hold an event or promotional acitvity, or serve as a resource. Only adult advisors can register events and serve as points of contact.

Get involved, plan an event!

The main focus of all National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week events is to connect teens with local scientific experts in the field of drugs and drug abuse. Your organization can fill several different roles:

  1. Team up with teens: You may want to team up with a group of local teens to help them plan their event. Support your teen partners by acting as their adult advisor to their event, providing logistical planning support, and being the liaison to outside organizations, including NIDA. Use this teen toolkit and help teens Get Started.
  2. Plan an event: You may want to plan your own event for the community. Check out the Activities & Toolkits for teens’ section. Your event should cater to local teens and focus on allowing teens to ask questions and get answers from a scientific expert in the field of drug abuse and addiction.
  3. Be a resource: Your organization has a lot to offer teens in your community. Lend yourself as a resource to local teens that are planning events. Whether you have space to hold an event or promotional activity, or you are a scientific expert willing to talk to teens about their questions, reach out to schools and local teens and let them know you are there for them!

Find an Expert & Learn the Facts

  1. Find an expert.
  2. Need some help? NIDA funds most of the world’s research on drug abuse and addiction and supports scientific experts on drug abuse across the country. We are more than happy to connect you to a scientist in your community who may be willing to serve as an expert for your event or promotional activity. Please email us at and tell us a little bit about your organization, location, and your event.
  3. Fact Up! Get the scientific facts about drugs and drug abuse. Review the NIDA website and fact sheets to help you prepare for your event. Refer your teen planners to the resources on the NIDA for Teens Site so they too can get the facts about drugs and drug abuse.

Register your event!

Let us know what you are planning, get your event approved for posting on NIDA's website, and see what is happening nationwide.

Check out the Tools & Resources section for more exciting downloads!