New York

Northpointe Council, Inc.

Where: Niagara Falls, NY
When: November 6-11, 2010

Brief Description: Approximately 800 youth; broadcast school announcement introducing NDFW (including sharing statistics about drug use); brochures and Shatter the Myth booklets will be passed out to students; "drop-box" to place anonymous questions about drugs and alcohol with the answers to be read and broadcasted in the morning announcements later in the week; movie documentary to be shown (either 20/20: A Deadly Drunk Driving Accident:6/5/09 or Straight Talk about alcohol and other drugs) as well as the Drug IQ Challenge after the movie; presentations in Health Classes on debunking myths associated with drugs and alcohol abuse. Shatter the Myths booklet will be the focus of the conversation.

Partnership For Results, Inc.

Where: Auburn, NY
When: November 8-14, 2010

Brief Description: A weeklong of events and activities including schools, law enforcement, health organizations and educational institutions. Types of activities during National Drug Facts Week:

  • Request Morning Announcements at school – or Fact of the Day
  • Create Facebook page
  • After school Activities including Computer Labs and Computer Games
  • Distribute Brochures and flyers
  • Contests with Tee Shirts for winners
  • Teachers Involvement
  • Electronic Homework websites – FACT of the Day
  • TV commercials/interviews
  • Newspapers Articles
  • Dance – Open Mic
  • Panel Discussion
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Proclamation by City and County

Rensselaer County Underage Drinking Coalition

Where: Troy, NY
When: November 10, 2010

Brief Description: Rensselaer County Underage Drinking Coalition will hold a Youth Summit with the goal of reducing underage alcohol and drug use. The key note speaker will talk about the brain science. In addition, there will be workshops which partially will cover drug awareness education. In addition, the workshops will address the issue of youth perception of the risks and also the number of youth who are actually using.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Where: Rochester, NY
When: November 7-14, 2010

Brief Description: RIT will post promotional pieces about NDFW Chat Day on the electronic board and in the residence halls.