New Jersey

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

Where: Newark, NJ
When: November 1-5, 2011

Brief Description: This event will be an two day discussion with the youth and young adults about drug abuse and its effects. The young adult discussion will be on November 1 and the youth discussion be will on November 2. We will also be having an open forum for anyone who may want to know more about drug abuse and addiction on November 5.

Bridgeton Municipal Alliance - Youth to Youth

Where: Bridgeton, NJ
When: November 3, 2011

Brief Description: Bridgeton Youth to Youth will be posting BAIL for the City of Bridgeton at their BAIL (Blog About It Live) party! Our goal is to release our community from the myths that shatter the lives of youth, community members and our City. Members, parents and community members will be able to blog about the myths that are associated with AOD's live, take the National Drug IQ Challenge, post on our AOD Graifitti.Truth Wall, take the text challenge by texting truth about AOD's to their mobile directory and ultimately shatter the myths that have been destroying individuals and communities!