Marilyn Huestis

Joining us now is Dr. Marilyn Huestis—one of the world’s top drug abuse chemists! She also serves on the World Anti-doping Agency’s Prohibited Drug List Committee that determines the drugs that are not permitted in sports, and the Transportation Research Board and National Safety Council that work to reduce drunk and drugged driving. Her research focuses on cannabis or marijuana, MDMA or Ecstasy and in utero drug exposure (drugs taken by pregnant women). She monitors brain activities, cognitive performance and the physiological effects in people who use drugs. She has many years of experience as a forensic toxicologist performing post mortem and emergency toxicology (think CSI!). Dr. Huestis works to develop the science of toxicology in many countries around the world and loves to travel. She also loves skiing, tennis and teaching toxicology to University of Maryland graduate students.