Joel Sherrill

This is Dr. Joel Sherrill’s third Chat. He is with the National Institute on Mental Health, so if you have any questions about depression, ADHD or other issues about your feelings and behaviors, he is your man! He is a clinical psychologist who has done counseling with adults and kids, but he has spent most of his time focused on research. After growing up in Michigan, and then going to school and working in New York and Pennsylvania, he moved to the DC area, where he spends a lot of time complaining about how hot it is in the South. Before he came to NIMH, he focused on using research to develop and test interventions to help children and adults with depression and other problems. Now at NIMH, he helps researchers who are doing this kind of work at universities and other research centers all over the country. When not in the office, Joel can be found hanging out with friends or just hanging out at home reading a book or watching too much TV.