Jim Bjork

Do you have questions about the teenage brain? Ask Dr. Jim Bjork! He helps scientists who do brain imaging apply to the government for money to do their research. Before coming to NIDA, Dr. Bjork researched how typical teenagers behave in self-control tasks, and how healthy teenagers’ brains operate—especially compared to teenage children of alcoholics with and without behavioral problems. Dr Bjork has also compared teenager brains to those of typical young adults. He has studied these things to help understand why certain people may be at risk for developing a drug or alcohol problem. When he is not in his office looking at brain pictures or helping brain imaging research along, Dr. Bjork spends time with his wife and two sons—either doing martial arts, or watching or playing basketball. Once his kids go to bed, Dr. Bjork is either playing on-line adventure games like World of Tanks or Lord of the Rings Online, or is playing the saxophone professionally somewhere in the Washington, D.C., area.