How can I host an NDAFW event?

Thinkfirst holds a NDAFW event

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NDAFW event organizers must be 18 years or older and have ties to an organization that educates teens about healthy living. Teens that are interested in hosting events must partner with an adult who meets this criterion (including your parents!).

EVENT TIP: Including teens in the planning and hosting of NDAFW events helps make them educational and fun. Teens are also particularly helpful in reaching out on social media and using technology to help promote NDAFW events.

NDAFW events have been held with a variety of organizations, including middle and high schools; local nonprofits or other community-based organizations; state or local health departments; PTAs; faith-based organizations; afterschool clubs; virtually; at home; and more!

NIDA offers a host of resources to help you plan, promote, and secure the science for your NDAFW event:

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