Get a Proclamation Issued for Your Event

A proclamation is an official designation of an event issued by governors, mayors, county executives, state legislators, counties, cities, or towns. It’s a great way to get some public recognition!

How can I get a proclamation issued?

Contact your local government official's communications office and ask what action is needed to designate March 21-27, 2022, as National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® in your community. Contact information can usually be found online.

What should a proclamation say?

The proclamation should declare March 21-27, 2022 as National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® and be signed by your local government official. This notes that he or she supports the observance. The proclamation should discuss the importance of this week, as well as the importance of teens asking questions and getting good, solid scientific answers.

Take a look at our Sample Proclamation [DOC - 164KB] and revise it to meet the needs of your community.

Then what?

Send the proclamation to local health organizations and local government officials, including the mayor or governor and encourage them to display the proclamation, especially on their websites. Then, send it to us at We will post proclamations from across the country!